HZ Holden Snadman Overlander 4x4
24 Oct 2014

HZ Holden Sandman Overlander 4×4 – Friday Find

The Red Bull Australia Tribute Edition Sandman might be a one-off, but what about this HZ Holden Sandman Overlander 4×4 … Happy 40th Holden Sandman.

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cars and coffee
16 Oct 2014

Cars and Coffee – A perfect match

Cars breed rivalry, friendly rivalry, mostly, and there’s a raft of social clubs springing up devoted to car fans and coffee – enter cars and coffee.

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paddle shifter are a waste of time
14 Oct 2014

Paddle shifters are a waste of time…

These days automatics can change gear for you better than ever before, so D is no longer for Dunce. So, are paddle shifters a waste of time?

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Continuously Variable Transmissions Explained
07 Oct 2014

2015 Subaru WRX – an enthusiast’s view…

Looking to get involved in track day activities? Considering the giant-killing 2015 Subaru WRX? Here’s what you need to know…

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Robert Pepper learns to drive a truck
19 Sep 2014

Blog : Turning Truckie, Part 1

Imagine having to double-declutch your car’s manual gearbox every single time you changed gear … we’ve sent Robert Pepper off to become a truckie.

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2014 Jeep Cherokee Sport
18 Sep 2014

2014 Jeep Cherokee Sport – The Good, The Bad, and…

Reader Martin Dart recently took delivery of his 2014 Jeep Cherokee Sport and is going to write regular updates. Here’s what’s happened in the first three weeks of owning his new Cherokee Sport.

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12 Sep 2014

For fun : Subaru WRX vs Toyota 86

Robert Pepper gets a bunch of mates together to see whether all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive produces the most fun… Subaru WRX Vs Toyota 86.

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Mazda reveals new MX-5
07 Sep 2014

New MX-5… do we really care how it looks?

Motoring writers in Australia have been quick to pass judgement on the looks of the new MX-5, but are they missing the point? I say, yes!

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Subaru WRX STI in new Subaru Euope Ad
05 Sep 2014

Subaru WRX STI gets all sideways in European Ad

A bloke’s devotion to making breakfast results in an epic TVC for Subaru Europe showing a Subaru WRX STI sliding its way across picturesque country roads.

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BMW Alpine X-Drive Experience
30 Aug 2014

BMW’s New Zealand Alpine xDrive Experience

Driving sideways. In the snow. How can something so hoonish just seem so right? Welcome to the BMW Alpine xDrive Experience in New Zealand.

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Mark 2 by Callum
29 Aug 2014

Five on Friday – Videos

It’s Friday again already and it’s time for another batch of car videos to get you through the weekend, or at least the next few minutes.

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Discovery Sport off-roading
22 Aug 2014

Five on Friday – Week 3

It’s Friday so it must be time to pop on the headphones, put off the rest of today’s work until Monday and watch our famous five videos on friday. Enjoy.

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Land Rover Defender Concept - mock-up
20 Aug 2014

Land Rover Defender concept – what might have been…

Would Land Rover have escaped a savaging if its Defender concept (the DC100) had looked more like the Ford Bronco concept from 2004?

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Five videos on Friday
15 Aug 2014

Five videos on Friday – Week 2

Thanks goodness its Friday. Here’s our five videos on Friday to help relax you into the weekend. Caution: If you’re trying to hit a 5pm deadline, do not hit play.

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Five Videos on Friday
08 Aug 2014

Five videos on Friday

Welcome to our new regular spot: Five Videos on Friday. Caution, some of these videos will cause serious distraction from the work you’re actually meant to be doing. Enjoy.

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