20 Jan 2017

Friday 5: Did you know about these rules for trailers?

Trailer towing is more difficult and dangerous than normal driving, so there’s a lot of rules to regulate it.

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17 Jan 2017

Reader help: What precautions do I need to take when driving my Discovery Sport on a beach?

Last time it was a BMW on a beach, now it’s a Land Rover Discovery Sport…

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Volkswagen Tiguan 4Motion
10 Jan 2017

What the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan 4Motion Active Control modes actually do – An explanation

The 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan with 4Motion Active Control has two road modes and two off-road modes, we explain what they do.

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09 Jan 2017

Check the age of your tyres for both car and trailer… it’s vital

Many trailers do very few kilometres each year, and so their tyres are at risk of aging to the point of danger. Here’s how to check them.

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driving techniques you were taught but are now wrong
06 Jan 2017

Friday 5: driving techniques you were taught but are now wrong

Remember your driving lessons? Don’t pass these golden oldies on to your kids:

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05 Jan 2017

4X4 MA/MC compliance: Some 2015 Mitsubishi Pajeros incorrectly plated

All 2015 Mitsubishi Pajeros are MC categorised, but some have MA plates and it turns out its a clerical error only.

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how to wash your car without the fuss
04 Jan 2017

How to wash your car (without the fuss) and the myths that need busting

When it comes to washing your car, getting out the bucket and sponge a couple of times a month will keep your car looking brand new.

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03 Jan 2017

Reader help: choosing a touring 4×4 for $30,000

Setting up for offroad touring is not quite as simple as just choosing any old 4X4. We help choosing a 4×4 to suit a $30k budget.

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Top 10 Car Advice articles on Practical Motoring
30 Dec 2016

Our Top 10 Car Advice articles of 2016

We’re not just about news and car reviews – we offer plenty of great car advice too. Here are the pieces that appealed to the most number of people in 2016.

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How to change oil title
29 Dec 2016

How to do an oil change and replace the oil filter

Just as humans can’t survive without water your car won’t survive without oil. Thankfully this important DIY is relatively straight forward.

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petrol prices
27 Dec 2016

How is fuel consumption measured and is it accurate?

What is fuel consumption, how is it measured and is it accurate?

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Check your fluids
23 Dec 2016

Friday Five: Top car maintenance tips

Regular, simple and quick car maintenance can keep your car running in good condition.

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22 Dec 2016

Compared: 2017 Vs 2012 Toyota 86 – What difference has tweaked electronic driving aids had?

What effect do electronics have on performance driving in the new 2017 Toyota 86, and how much have they improved over five years?

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20 Dec 2016

Reader Question: Can I retrofit new electronics to an older Toyota 86?

The idea of retrofitting a new car’s system to an older model comes up from time to time, and on this occasion it’s the Toyota 86.

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16 Dec 2016

Friday Five – Long-Distance Driving Tips for Solo Drivers

Australia is a big country and there can often be incredibly long distances between towns, here’s how to stave off boredom if you’re driving alone.

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