How to wash a car
27 Mar 2017

Quick tips to maintain the value of your car

For many of us, our motor vehicle is the second greatest purchase we’ll make in our lives… here’s how to ensure you maintain the value of your car.

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21 Mar 2017

How to sound like an instant expert on Formula 1

On Sunday 24th March the Formula 1 season starts again in Melbourne. Here’s how to sound like an instant expert on Formula One.

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2015 Ford Fiesta ST car review
21 Mar 2017

The most comprehensive “what car should I buy” question ever

We get a lot of “what car is best” questions, and for one reason only it’s hard to advise… and that is they lack focus. Not this one.

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18 Mar 2017

Things to look at when buying a used classic/enthusiast car

If you’re thinking of buying a classic car you’ll soon discover a muddy world full of option codes and intricacies.

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Dirt-busting fuel... fact or fiction?
15 Mar 2017

Dirt-Busting Fuel… fact or fiction?

Most fuel companies in Australia claim their high-octane fuel contains dirt-busting properties… but what does that mean?

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Most non-dealer mechanics can perform a logbook service of your new car without voiding the warranty
10 Mar 2017

Dealer Vs Non-Dealer Car Servicing

Only an authorised service outlet can perform logbook servicing, right? Wrong. We explore the age-old dealer vs non-dealer servicing debate.

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Toyota Prado Kakadu
09 Mar 2017

Reader Help: Why does my car need servicing so often when I’m not driving far?

Why do cars need to be serviced so often if the owner isn’t hitting the service interval mileage?

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how to keep snakes out of your car
01 Mar 2017

How to keep snakes out of your car

Granted it’s not every day you’ve got to think about whether a snake has crawled into your car, but there are some simple tips for keeping snakes out of your car.

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21 Feb 2017

You can’t just drive out into the desert… preparing for an off-road camping trip

How do you prepare for an offroad camping trip? Here’s what we did to get ready for our recent Jaguar F-Pace test.

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How to get rid of bad smells in cars
21 Feb 2017

How to get rid of bad smells in cars

Smoking in cars, water leaks onto carpet, carrying fast food, or letting the kids eat and drink in your car can all cause it to stink. Here’s how to get rid of bad smells in cars.

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20 Feb 2017

Toyota Fortuner and Toyota HiLux technical analysis – 4WD systems explained

Every new 4WD has its own particular offroad system. Here’s how the 4WD system on the 2016 Toyota Fortuner works…

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17 Feb 2017

What’s wrong with my car? Common reasons it won’t start

Turning the key in the ignition and hearing… nothing… is a horrible feeling, but don’t panic. Follow our guide to self-diagnosing what’s wrong with your car.

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How to change a flat tyre
16 Feb 2017

Everything you need to know about changing car tyres…

You’ll never get a flat tyre at a convenient time, but with the right tools and a little bit of practice you’ll soon be changing tyres like an F1 pit crew.

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Copyright: guzintaskiran / 123RF Stock Photo
14 Feb 2017

How to keep spiders out of your car

Ever had a spider crawl across your dashboard, or out from behind your wing mirror? Here’s how to keep spiders out of your car.

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14 Feb 2017

Reader help: I have a 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe and I want recovery points

Recovery points on the 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe? It’s a fair question…

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