29 Jan 2021

GM going fully electric by 2035? Nah

3 years ago 4 0

General Motors is driving the Chevy to the carbon-neutral levy. American automaker giant General Motors has announced a plan to […]

Alex Rae 4
30 Sep 2020

Is a manual performance SUV a bad idea?

4 years ago 3 0

SUVs continue to claim sales occupied by traditional passenger cars, but there’s a roadblock when it comes to hot hatch-style […]

Alex Rae 3
04 Sep 2020

Car safety technology problems

4 years ago 3 0

How do we safely introduce a barrage of safety technology from many different suppliers into cars that can travel at […]

Alex Rae 3
16 Apr 2020

Will the Mustang of pickup trucks come to Australia?

4 years ago 1 0

Which manufacturer will be the first to deliver a new pickup truck to Australia in right-hand drive? THERE WAS a […]

Alex Rae 1
Bike Sense allows cars and bike riders to get along
16 Dec 2019

Cyclists on the road in Australia – how we can all get along

4 years ago 0

Seems like some motorists don’t think cyclists should be allowed to ride on the road… Hmm. I love cars and I’m all in favour of cyclists sharing the road.

Robert Pepper
14 Nov 2019

What’s the best piece of car advice you’ve ever been given?

5 years ago 17 0

It was Oscar Wilde who wrote, “I always pass on good advice. It is the only thing to do with it. It is never of any use to oneself.”

Jane Speechley 17
06 Nov 2019

The more you say it’s true, the less we believe you

5 years ago 7 3

When it comes to naming a new car, just because you call a car something, doesn’t necessarily make it so…

Robert Pepper 7
Does an adaptive gearbox really learn how you drive
30 Oct 2019

Does an adaptive gearbox really learn how you drive?

5 years ago 1

Thanks to car marketing hype plenty of people believe an adaptive gearbox can learn the way you drive, and it does but it’s not quite as cut and dried as all that.

Robert Pepper
in-car etiquette
28 Oct 2019

Nine simple car etiquette rules

5 years ago 9 3

Most of us understand the importance of good manners in everyday life – not least of all because we’ve had them drummed into us from a young age…

Jane Speechley 9
overtaking on highway
23 Oct 2019

The Australian Overtake… and why we shouldn’t be proud of it

5 years ago 105 89

There’s an overtaking manoeuvre unique to Australia, and it’s nothing to be proud of.

Robert Pepper 105
2018 Ford Ranger Raptor
13 Feb 2018

Ford Ranger Raptor – Is it the answer to a question no-one asked?

6 years ago 8 2

The Ford Ranger Raptor is a new type of vehicle, but maybe there’s a reason this is an unexplored niche. 

Robert Pepper 8
2018 Ford Ranger Raptor
09 Feb 2018

Why you’re all wrong about the new Ford Ranger Raptor

6 years ago 76 4

Early yesterday morning my phone rang, and the voice on the other end wasn’t happy about the new Ford Ranger Raptor… Here’s why my friend and you lot are wrong about it.

Robert Pepper 76
Keep left unless overtaking
26 Dec 2017

Overtaking lanes… and why they’re dangerous?

6 years ago 28 2

Just the other day I was overtaken right at the end of an overtaking lane… it was dangerous. I got angry. But I was in the wrong.

Isaac Bober 28
Audi naming structure creates confusion
25 Aug 2017

Audi causes confusion over naming system… for me

7 years ago 1 0

Earlier this week it was revealed Audi would name its model variants based on their output, but what they’ve come up with makes no sense at all.

Isaac Bober 1
Why premium fuel is a waste of money for most cars
23 Jun 2017

Why claims of fuel economy improvements are a load of old cobblers…

7 years ago 18 2

Car makers claim they’re making big improvements to fuel economy and emissions, but it’s all a load of old cobblers, says Paul Horrell.

Paul Horrell 18
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