A bloke’s devotion to making breakfast results in an epic TVC for Subaru Europe showing a Subaru WRX STI sliding its way across picturesque country backroads.

There’s not a lot that us blokes won’t do to ensure our partners get what they want. And Subaru Europe clearly get that. In a new TVC for the WRX STI, a doting partner gets up early to prepare breakfast only to discover there’s no bread besides a few crumbs in the bottom of the basket. You know what happens next…

Cue a rally-bred turbocharged, all-wheel drive sedan going hell for leather as the driver whips the thing along scenic back roads. Like all great car movies, think Bullitt, there’s no speaking for the duration of the ad, but there is plenty of screaching tyres and growly exhaust. Enjoy.

Oh, and the usual disclaimer that you definitely shouldn’t try this next time you drive to the bakery … or, at all, actually.


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