Jaguar F-Type at Sandown
31 Jul 2014

Track testing the Jaguar F-Type Coupe R

Surrounded by marvelous machinery at Sandown Raceway, our track dynamo, Robert Pepper, only has eyes for the Jaguar F-Type, and who could blame him.

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Robert Pepper track tests the Jaguar F-Type
11 Jul 2014

Jaguar F-Type on track at Sandown

Our Robert Pepper takes the Jaguar F-Type on track at Sandown Raceway to find out whether it really is the most track-focused Jaguar ever.

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how to adjust an i30's headlight
08 Jul 2014

Hyundai i30 headlights not bright enough?

When our Tony Bosworth wrote about his Hyundai i30 headlights not being bright enough it sparked quite a bit of debate. Seems plenty of other people felt the same way. Disclaimer: I’ve mentioned the process of adjusting the Hyundai i30 headlights in this blog so that you know it can

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Truck drivers deserve more respect
06 Jun 2014

Truck drivers deserve more respect

Our ex-Holden worker, now occasional blogger and truck driver, James Middleton, on why truck drivers deserve more respect from car drivers.

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When it's raining you should slow down
02 Jun 2014

Drive to the conditions – it’s not hard

Winter is here and that means we can expect more rain, more fog and even ice on the roads in some places, so why can’t we all drive to the conditions?

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Bullitt car chase recreated for Silverstone Classic
10 May 2014

Bullitt Car Chase Recreated

In an homage to the 1968 film Bullitt starring Steve McQueen, organisers of the Silverstone Classic have recreated cinematography’s most famous movie scene involving a car, the Bullitt car chase scene.

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An RACQ survey shows Australian drivers warn others of speed traps by flashing their lights.
08 Mar 2014

Don’t flash your headlights, says RACQ

Paul Murrell says a report from RACQ Insurance shows motorists are becoming increasingly frustrated by draconian speed limit enforcement and penalties, and asks why should it be illegal for motorists to warn each other of speed traps.

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Victoria is calling for more speed cameras in a revenue grab, writes Paul Murrell
12 Feb 2014

Speed Camera Revenue Rise

Governments are addicted to speed camera revenue and Victoria, Australia’s most over-regulated driving state, is calling for more.

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The Tesla Model s will arrive in Australia later this year
07 Feb 2014

Electric Dreams

Tony Bosworth has a dream… an electric Tesla S dream. But he wonders why, when electric  cars make so much sense do Australians continue to buy gas guzzlers. THIS IS MY AVERAGE DAY… I get up, have breakfast, do all the usual stuff, and then go down to my garage.

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Are police just trying to raise revenue through speeding fines?
25 Jan 2014

Speeding fines won’t stop dangerous drivers

The authorities persist in road rule enforcement and penalty application that patently isn’t doing much to reduce the road toll or make our roads safer. That’s why people get so angry about being pinged for relatively minor offences while the really dangerous drivers carry on regardless.

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Why can't drivers and bike riders get along on our roads
24 Jan 2014

Cars and bicycles, why can’t we get along?

Cyclist deaths and injuries continue to increase on Australian roads, unlike the rest of the world where they are reducing. What are we doing wrong?

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Speeding fines no deterrant
21 Jan 2014

Fines don’t change driver behaviour

Deterrents simply aren’t deterring drivers from irresponsible behaviour. And the number of unpaid fines just keeps mounting up, says Paul Murrell.

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Holden Print commercial from the 1970s
22 Dec 2013

Football, Meat Pies and Holden…

Football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars… about as dinky di as the Holden Malibu. Can we please put this myth to bed, asks Paul Murrell.

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The Hyundai i30 is no Ferrari but it rides and handles beautifully.
19 Dec 2013

The Hyundai i30’s no Ferrari, but…

Tony Bosworth: Last Sunday I went for a quick drive in a bright red Hyundai i30, along the winding, climbing, swooping, Putty Road over the NSW Blue Mountains and back.

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Holden has finally announced it will close in 2017.
17 Dec 2013

Gone. Holden back the tears

Ending months, and perhaps years of speculation about its future, Holden, has announced it would cease production operations in Australia from late-2017.

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