Are speed limits too low in Australia?
10 Nov 2013

Are our speed limits too low?

Are Australian speed limits too low? The knee-jerk reaction from most motorists is “of course they are” and the equally predictable response from police and road safety groups is “they should be lower”. Paul Murrell looks into the story behind our much-debated speed limit policy?

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29 Oct 2013

Keep left unless overtaking

Ever sat behind someone in the overtaking lane when they’re travelling at well under the speed limit? Well, Tony Bosworth reckons enough is enough. Australian drivers, he says, are rude and potential accident waiting to happen, so, move to the left and let the rest of us do the speed limit.

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17 Oct 2013

Holden’s future hangs in the balance

The future of Holden hangs in the balance. According to some pundits, the recent job and production cuts mark the beginning of the end for the iconic Australian manufacturer. On the other hand, it isn’t the first time forecasters have predicted oblivion for the company.

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road rage
17 Oct 2013

Give me a wave, not the finger

When I let someone in – usually some muppet who comes up fast in the left lane which merges into my lane – it would be nice if he or she could just give me a wave of thanks.

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16 Oct 2013

How my Citroen ZX became a foot spa…

I was at in the casino at Monte Carlo playing vingt et un with Jeremy Clarkson, back when we were both young motoring journos with our future in front of us. I’d spent the last half-hour whingeing about my unreliable Citroen ZX – it was giving me all sorts of grief.

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