17 Jun 2024

Monocoque 4X4s explained – Is this a good thing or not?

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There’s a fair bit of misconception about what monocoque construction actually is – all explained here.

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21 May 2024

How does a Jeep earn the trail rated badge?

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Jeep started up with the Trail Rated badge over 20 years ago. But what does it mean, and how does a Jeep earn it?

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21 May 2024

Are you safe to drive after one or two drinks?

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Most people will claim that they’re ‘well under the limit’ and thus fine to drive after having one or two alcoholic drinks. But are you safe to drive after one or two drinks?

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14 May 2024

Are LED headlights better?

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LED headlights are pretty common, but some new cars still come with older tech. So, what is an LED headlight, and should you replace your old ones?

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09 May 2024

What is Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)?

1 month ago 3 1

If you’re learning about Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and want to know how it works, our full explainer on AEB will help you understand it.

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26 Apr 2024

The difference between a road car and a race car explained

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Motorsport is a harsh environment for vehicles, and appears harsher than the day-to-day use of cars we’re all familiar with. But that’s not entirely true.

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22 Apr 2024

What is a car recall, and what should I do?

2 months ago 0

Manufacturer safety car recalls can affect hundreds of thousands of cars around the world, so, should you be concerned if your car is recalled?

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16 Apr 2024

Top 10 Utes to Get Fired Up About in 2024

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From an electrified Ford Ranger to a swathe of Chinese models offering different propositions, these are the utes en route to Australia this year that you should know about.

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woman wearing sunglasses while driving
28 Mar 2024

Really, you should wear sunglasses when driving in the rain

3 months ago 33

While it might sound like the opposite of what’s best, but wearing sunglasses in the rain and fog is likely to improve visibility…

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15 May 2023

Victoria to launch Digital Driver’s License in Ballarat

1 year ago 0 2

Victoria will trial digital licenses this year in Ballarat before a state-wide introduction in 2024. The Victorian government has announced […]

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20 Apr 2023

LDV eDeliver 7 electric van revealed

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LDV’s eDeliver 7 is the third electric van from the Chinese company. LDV has unveiled its third electric van, the […]

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01 Apr 2023

Renault Megane R.S. Ultime is the last Renaultsport

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Renaultsport bows out after 47 years with a special edition of the Megane R.S. In 1976 Renaultsport became the sporty […]

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20 Mar 2023

2024 Ferrari Roma Spider Revealed

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Ferrari’s elegant GT is now even more opulent as open-top four seater Roma Spider. Ferrari has revealed a new convertible […]

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buying a first car right car
10 Mar 2023

How to choose the perfect car… for you

1 year ago 3 2

When it comes to buying a new car, people often consider price or performance, but there’s so much more than that involved in choosing the perfect car.

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08 Mar 2023

Suzuki Jimny to go electric

1 year ago 0 0

Suzuki has given us a glimpse of an all-electric Jimny set to arrive before 2030. The Suzuki Jimny will receive […]

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