15 Dec 2022

Do you use more fuel at start-up than idling?

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This is one that divides opinion even in the face of reason; do you use more fuel at start up than when you idle your car?

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22 Sep 2022

Are fuel additives a waste of money?

2 years ago 3 0

Some fuel additives do what they say on the bottle but the ones claiming more performance or fuel efficiency…there’s next to no evidence to support the claims.

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2018 Audi RS4 Avant Review
30 Aug 2022

Is it bad to redline your engine?

2 years ago 2 0

Take it to the limit…movies and accepted wisdom that redlining your car extracts the last drop of oomph out of it do more harm than good. We explain why it’s bad to redline your engine.

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What is a DPF and how does it work - all explained
17 Nov 2021

What is a diesel particulate filter (DPF)?

3 years ago 1 4

If you own a diesel-powered vehicle there’s a good chance it’s equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF), read our guide to learn more about what it is and what it does.

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Hyundai Elantra SR
16 Nov 2021

What is forced induction and how does it work?

3 years ago 3 26

The concept of forced induction dates back to 1889, but just how do a turbocharger and supercharger work?

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26 Jul 2021

What is AdBlue and why do you need to know?

3 years ago 3 0

As emissions controls became stricter in Europe, car makers with diesel vehicles needed a way of cleaning up nitrogen oxide emissions. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (AdBlue) was born.

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How to clean pet hair out of your car
20 Jul 2021

How to clean pet hair out of your car

3 years ago 5 0

Plenty of us let our fur babies travel in our vehicles and even if you use a seat protector or have a mat in the boot (station wagon) nothing sticks to carpet like pet hair. Here’s how to clean pet hair out of your car.

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How to drive in the snow
18 Jun 2021

How to drive safely on snow and ice

3 years ago 4 1

With winter about to hit Australia and many of the parts copping an early icy blast, we thought it timely to provide tips on how to drive in snow and ice.

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Most non-dealer mechanics can perform a logbook service of your new car without voiding the warranty
02 Jun 2021

Dealer Vs Non-Dealer Car Servicing

3 years ago 1

Only an authorised service outlet can perform logbook servicing, right? Wrong. We explore the age-old dealer vs non-dealer servicing debate.

Isaac Bober
2019 Jeep Wrangler Review
28 Jan 2021

How does a sway bar disconnect help off-road?

3 years ago 2 0

We know that a sway bar is there to help reduce body roll, so, why would you want to disconnect a sway bar?

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30 Nov 2020

Automotive aerodynamics explained

4 years ago 5 2

Car makers spend a fortune on making their cars slipperier, whether it’s to make them more fuel efficient or faster, or both… here’s how to be an instant expert on automotive aerodynamics.

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17 Apr 2020

The best new and used 4×4 bush wagons

4 years ago 7 0

There are more 4×4 wagons on the market today than ever before but only a few of them are truly bush-capable. Whether new or secondhand, these are the top five bush wagons that can take you to the most hard-to-reach places in Australia… and get you home again.

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Coolant and antifreeze explained
15 Jan 2020

What is coolant or antifreeze and why does your car need it?

4 years ago 8 20

Coolant or antifreeze is one of the most important fluids in your car. We explain what it is and why it’s essential to the good health of your car’s engine.

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old car tyres
29 Dec 2019

Are part-worn, used, or second-hand tyres safe?

4 years ago 3 0

Part-worn, used or second-hand tyres are less of an issue in Australia than in Europe but plenty of places here still advertise them. So, are part-worn tyres safe?

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Check your fluids
27 Dec 2019

How to perform a quick car safety check

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Keeping your car in good running order might sound like a daunting prospect but it isn’t. Here’s how to perform a quick car safety check…start the clock.

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