It’s Friday so it must be time to pop on the headphones, put off the rest of today’s work until Monday and watch our famous five videos on friday. Enjoy.

1. Nissan Commercial Vehicles meets Bret Michaels – Rock On. Sort of.

Okay, I’m really not sure what to make of this one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for parody clips but this video for Nissan Commercial Vehicles isn’t quite a parody, and nor does it seem to be as clever as the Jean-Claude Van Damme splits video for Volvo Trucks. It’s former Poison front man, Bret Michaels, singing the Lionel Ritchie classic: Endless Love. I’d love to know what you think.

2. The Epic Driftmob

Okay, it goes without saying you shouldn’t try this at home, so, sit back relax and enjoy as a handful of the world’s best drifters get behind the wheel of the BMW 235i M. There’s not much to say: it’s a roundabout; a blocked road and a whole heap of smoke and some real heart-in-mouth moments. Watch the video below this one to see the making of…

Kia’s Hamsters are back… Hmm.

Kia has brought its hamsters back to the small screen to promote the new Soul EV and what starts out with three hamsters building a Soul EV turns into ‘Weird Science’ only instead of Kelly LeBrock there’s a sexy hamster, and then… no, it just gets wrong from there. Watch for yourself. Thumbs up or down?

4. Land Rover Discovery Sport off-road

We ran this video a week or so ago, but we thought we’d include it in this week’s list because it’s a nice teaser for the new Discovery Sport. Shows the test mules being thrashed through the sand, rivers, deep ruts, ice roads, gravel and just about everywhere else inbetween. The Discovery Sport will be the first of a new family of Discovery variants. We can’t wait, what about you?

5. Brad Gallard stars in Finke documentary

This is the preview for a new documentary about Trophy Truck racing in Australia, or, more specifically about driver Brad Gallard’s preparations for the Finke Desert Race. The doco airs on 7mate on August 30 and the director says the film will have everything: “helicopter coverage, driver interviews and spec sheets. Howling horsepower, dusty power slides and explosive speeds, with complex suspension systems guiding wheels and tyres that defy terrain to effortlessly fly over obstacles that would halt the toughest 4×4″. We’ll definitely be watching. What about you?


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  1. Can’t wait to see the Discover Sport and the rest of the “family” as it gets updated. It’s hard to know what to expect when the d3 & 4 are so good already.

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