A little bit about Practical Motoring…

Here at Practical Motoring we’ve already driven your new car. Our expert journalists and road testers attend local and international car launches, and are dedicated to bringing you honest and impartial new car news, reviews and advice you can trust.

While newsstands and the internet are awash with plenty of new car reviews, nobody produces as complete and unbiased a car review as Practical Motoring. And we don’t just test cars at a race track, or on the way to and from the office, or even simply by moving the cheaper cars out of the way to get to the more expensive ones. No, at Practical Motoring we test all of our cars where you’ll be driving them – on Australian roads.

We put all of the cars we test across our dedicated road loops which combine a mix of wide-ranging road surfaces, including dirt. And our dedicated off-road loop allows us to test everything from a compact SUV to a trail-rated 4WD to its absolute limit.

Why are we online only? Being digital-only means Practical Motoring is able to deliver content in new and exciting ways, from reading about a new vehicle, to hearing audio of it, to watching a video review of it … and with no paywall, you can access anything on our site, whenever you want, and that’s because helping you make a better new vehicle purchasing decision is at the heart of everything we do.

Buying a new car isn’t easy. At Practical Motoring we delve into spec sheets and pore all over each and every one of the cars we test. We put ourselves into your shoes when testing and consider all the things you would… We fit the car we test with baby seats, measure the boot, sit in every seat, check the heating and cooling, the ease of pairing your phone and how quickly or slowly the sat-nav keeps up with you. We do all of that and a whole lot more to bring you the most thorough and objective tests possible so that you’ll know exactly how good, or bad a new car really is.

Because you’re at the heart of everything we do, we want you to get involved and help to make Practical Motoring a success. And you can do that by:

  • Leaving a comment below one of our articles so you can engage directly with our editors, writers and other readers.
  • Becoming a member of our Reader Test Team, which means you may get the opportunity to take part in our road test clinics and get behind the wheel of new cars. You can also tell us about your own vehicle for everyone to read, and reveal what you think is Good, Bad and Odd about it, at admin(at)practicalmotoring.com.au.
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Meet the Team

Managing Editor – Isaac Bober

Drop Isaac an email: isaacb@practicalmotoring.com.au

Isaac Bober was born in the shadow of Mount Panorama in Bathurst, so it was inevitable he’d fall into work as a motoring writer. It didn’t help matters that his father was a British car tragic with a penchant for old Rover 3500s, Jaguar XJ-Ss, and Range Rovers (Bober even helped the old man pull apart a Carmichael Range Rover 6×6). This meant plenty of time spent parked up by the side of the road chasing down electrical gremlins (thank you Mr Lucas)…

Bober began his motoring career in 2000 while reviewing commercial vehicles on trade title Electrical World, before moving onto Caravan & Motorhome magazine which, under his editorship, was one of Australia’s fastest-growing magazines (and the biggest RV magazine in the country). After that, Bober moved to MOTOR Magazine before going freelance and contributing to Overlander 4WD, 4×4 Australia, TopGear Australia, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, The Australian and CARSguide, and many moreAs a freelance road tester, Bober has been a judge on both TopGear Australia Car of the Year and Overlander 4WD SUV and 4WD of the Year, driven a shed-built replica of the Batman Tumbler, hyper-miled a MINI Cooper D across the country, crashed a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series, and much more besides.

Contributor – Paul Murrell

Drop Paul an email: paulm@practicalmotoring.com.au

Paul’s mother knew he was a car nut when, aged three, he could identify oncoming cars from their engine note alone. By 10, he had decided what his first car would be and begun negotiations with a bank to arrange finance, the first of many expensive automotive mistakes.

Since then he has owned more than his fair share of automotive mistakes as well as memorable and collectable cars and forged a career in advertising in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore, specialising in automotive accounts. Now living in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, he indulges his passion for fine food, fine wine and fine cars (although not at the same time).

His garage currently holds a one-off Porsche 911 Speedster, originally built for famed Porsche racing driver and Australian Porsche agent Alan Hamilton and, for contrast, a pristine 1989 Audi 100CD Avant wagon. There is an empty space where an historic MG TC Special race car used to reside until it was sold to a West Australian enthusiast so Paul is scouring the classifieds seeking a replacement track car, preferably open wheeled. In the meantime, he is happy to drive other people’s cars (on the road, off the road or on the track) and write up what’s good about them and what isn’t.

Technical Writer – Robert Pepper

Drop Robert an email: robertp@practicalmotoring.com.au

Robert Pepper is a freelance journalist, driver and photographer interested in anything with wings, sails or wheels.  Having previously been an aviation nut flying aerobatics and instructing in gliders he’s now concentrating on ground-based fun, so owns a highly modified Ford Ranger PX which he uses for offroad touring, and a Toyota 86 which exists purely to drive in circles on racetracks. Or point to point on hillclimbs or dirt road autokhanas, really anything that involves speed or sideways, or preferably both.

Robert is a senior instructor with 4WD Victoria and also instructs on sportscar track days.  He has developed and taught numerous training courses from basic to advanced 4WD levels, as well as courses on offroad towing and car control/vehicle dynamics, and is presently mentoring other instructors through the assessment process. Robert has organised or helped organise several major offroad events, and has competed in the likes of the Outback Challenge and Cruiserkhana (2013 winner). Robert is also a regular trip leader for various 4WD clubs.

On the journalism front Robert has written in excess of six hundred articles for 20 publications across five countries covering everything from product tests to technical explanations to travel, has served as 4WD of the Year judge for Overlander 4WD and has edited a 4WD magazine. Robert is also the author of four books on offroad driving, navigation and treks close to Melbourne, all of which feature his own photography. Visit his website.