A little bit about Practical Motoring…

Here at Practical Motoring we’ve already driven your new car. Our expert journalists and road testers attend local and international car launches, and are dedicated to bringing you honest and impartial new car news, reviews and advice you can trust.

While newsstands and the internet are awash with plenty of new car reviews, nobody produces as complete and unbiased a car review as Practical Motoring. And we don’t just test cars at a race track, or on the way to and from the office, or even simply by moving the cheaper cars out of the way to get to the more expensive ones. No, at Practical Motoring we test all of our cars where you’ll be driving them – on Australian roads.

We put all of the cars we test across our dedicated road loops which combine a mix of wide-ranging road surfaces, including dirt. And our dedicated off-road loop allows us to test everything from a compact SUV to a trail-rated 4WD to its absolute limit.

Why are we online only? Being digital-only means Practical Motoring is able to deliver content in new and exciting ways, from reading about a new vehicle, to hearing audio of it, to watching a video review of it … and with no paywall, you can access anything on our site, whenever you want, and that’s because helping you make a better new vehicle purchasing decision is at the heart of everything we do.

Buying a new car isn’t easy. At Practical Motoring we delve into spec sheets and pore all over each and every one of the cars we test. We put ourselves into your shoes when testing and consider all the things you would… We fit the car we test with baby seats, measure the boot, sit in every seat, check the heating and cooling, the ease of pairing your phone and how quickly or slowly the sat-nav keeps up with you. We do all of that and a whole lot more to bring you the most thorough and objective tests possible so that you’ll know exactly how good, or bad a new car really is.

Because you’re at the heart of everything we do, we want you to get involved and help to make Practical Motoring a success. And you can do that by:

  • Leaving a comment below one of our articles so you can engage directly with our editors, writers and other readers.
  • Becoming a member of our Reader Test Team, which means you may get the opportunity to take part in our road test clinics and get behind the wheel of new cars. You can also tell us about your own vehicle for everyone to read, and reveal what you think is Good, Bad and Odd about it, at admin(at)practicalmotoring.com.au.
  • Liking us on Facebook, at facebook.com/PracticalMotoring, or engage with our editors and contributors via Twitter, at @PracticalMotor and as individuals.
  • Sign up for our weekly email, which will keep you up to date with all of the best reviews (written and video) and news on our site each week.

Practical Motoring also works with a wide range of experienced freelance journalists, and welcomes Reader Contributions – submit yours here.

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