21 Jun 2015

Why modern cars are hard to use

You don’t get very far into life without realising that in many cases, the more you have of something, the less you must accept of another.  WORK HARD FOR MORE money, have less free time.  A bigger TV, but it takes up more room.  The only place you can have your

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16 Jun 2015

Subaru Liberty vs Outback and WRX

The Outback and Liberty are different cars on the same base.  Which is best for you?  Or maybe a WRX.. Subaru have long had a medium-large vehicle, and in roadcar form that was called the Liberty.  When fitted with larger tyres, a lifted suspension and some other minor offroad features,

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12 Jun 2015

Logitech announces the G29 and G920, new driving wheels for car racing simulations on PS3, PS4, PC and Xbox One

Logitech has announced to succesor to their popular G27 steering wheel, the G29. Sim-racing fans of title like Gran Turismo, Forza, iRacing, Project CARS and more will rejoice because there’s a new version of Logitech’s venerable racing wheel/pedal setup.  The G29 is for Playstation 3/4 and PC, and the G920

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11 Jun 2015

Girls Got Grit on Fraser Island, a luxury 4X4 weekend away!

If a bunch of ladies decide to have a fun weekend away they wouldn’t normally choose to drive 4X4s.  But maybe they should… In truth, it was a bit of a cop-out to take the Toyota FJ Cruiser on a training weekend to Fraser Island, where a bunch of newbie

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10 Jun 2015

Subaru Outback 2005 vs 2015, 2012

What difference does ten years make to the Subaru Outback? We tested the 2015 Outback 3.6R on a family trip over a long weekend, and were accompanied by friends with their 2005 Outback that has done 67,000km.  It made for an interesting comparison.  The older Outback has a 2.5L, 121kW petrol engine

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07 Jun 2015

Is nothing sacred?

Car manufacturers build their reputation on certain styles, designs and philosophies. Can they, should they, ever betray those principles? BMW has spent decades telling the world rear wheel drive is best. Now there’s the front-drive X1. Subaru is adamant all wheel drive is the way to go. Except for their

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Are motoring journalists biased
03 Jun 2015

Are motoring journalists biased?

Motoring journalists get to travel the world testing cars, and while we all have pet cars, what you think of as bias in motoring journalism probably isn’t.

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27 May 2015

How much faster is a 2015 WRX than a 2014 WRX around Wakefield Park?

The 2014 Subaru WRX has raced the refreshed 2015 Subaru WRX in a timed lap around Wakefield Park. So, how much faster is a 2015 WRX than a 2014 WRX?

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26 May 2015

Track days and why I like driving in circles on Sundays

Some people just don’t get the appeal of driving flat-out at track days. So, in an attempt to explain, here’s why I like driving in circles on Sundays.

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Do we really need electric tailgates?
02 May 2015

Do we really need electric tailgates?

“Waste of money”. My friend’s verdict was clear. But I think he’s wrong about electric tailgates, and with time he’d agree…

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Second-hand car imports - let's have them
17 Apr 2015

Second-hand car imports – let’s have them!

When local car manufacturing stops all of our new cars will come from somewhere else. So, what’s all the fuss about allowing second-hand car imports?

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16 Apr 2015

Real skill – Possum Bourne drives the Race to the Sky Hillclimb

Here’s a driving video worth looking at. This video does not start with a panomaric view.  There are no words that appear letter by stattaco letter on screen, with blinking cursors.   You will not see a driver striding in slow motion across open tarmac, sunlight from behind, helmet in hand.  

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15 Apr 2015

Car Crossword #2 : Car Manufacturers

How’s your car knowledge?  Find out below with this puzzle… Theme for this crossword: Car Manufacturers Each clue should remind you of a car manufacturer.   Some are easy, for others you’ll really need to know your car culture…   Hall of FAME! The first person with the correct solution was:

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13 Apr 2015

2014 Hyundai i20 review – quick spin

A weekend away in a rental i20 gives Robert Pepper an opportunity to write a 2014 Hyundai i20 review and see how well the thing stands up to abuse…

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12 Apr 2015

Car Crossword #1 : Four Wheel Driving

How’s your car knowledge?  Find out below with this puzzle… Here’s a crossword to test your car knowledge.  No prizes other than the glory of being first. Theme for this crossword: 4WD general knowledge Hall of FAME! The first people back with the correct solution are: Shane Gerrish Will Garthon

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