03 Aug 2017

Two top 4X4 daytrips out of Brisbane – Bribie Island and D’Aguilar National Park

Discover two of the best 4X4 day drives around Brisbane with Danielle Lancaster, author of ‘4WD Treks Close to Brisbane’. From the capital city of Brisbane explore from the beach to the bush with these two easily accessible offroad day drives: Bribie Island The only island connected to the mainland

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30 Jul 2017

Product Test – RAM X-Grip

The RAM X-Grip can hold all sorts of devices in your vehicle. A universal gadget mount with a range of arms and bases, designed for small to medium sized smartphones and phablets. We like… Versatility.  The X-Grip can take a wide variety of devices, which is good as everyone in

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29 Jul 2017

The future of 4X4s has arrived with Bollinger’s all-electric offroader

Diesel is dying, electric will rule and heralding the way is Bollinger. WE HAVE SAID for some time that internal combustion engines are on the way out, and in particular diesel as stricter and stricter emissions standards force more and more complexity like AdBlue and DPFs. So, how far off

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29 Jul 2017

The Bend’s new 4×4 track takes shape in South Australia

South Australia gets a new place to go offroading at The Bend. THE BEND is a huge motorsport park that will cater to circuit racing for bikes and cars, drag racing, drift, rally, karting and of course, 4WD. There will be an airstrip, accommodation and an industrial park. Here’s what

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28 Jul 2017

How you can prevent bush pin stripes

Bodywork scratches go hand-in-hand with offroading in wooded areas, but there are ways to reduce bush pinstripes…

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26 Jul 2017

4×4 puzzle: the solution

We posed a 4×4 problem, and here’s the solution. UNDERSTANDING HOW YOUR 4X4 works is the key to driving it effectively. The problems are the same no matter how big or small your 4X4 is, and so we can use our TRAXXAS TRX-4 (review here) to describe a common 4X4

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25 Jul 2017

How would you solve this 4X4 puzzle?

Trackbuilding is something we all have to do sooner or later, but how, exactly would you fix this 4X4 puzzle? WATCH THE VIDEO below from our Facebook page and then decide what you’d do (and no, enabling the cross-axled locking differentials is not an option): An explanation will follow in

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24 Jul 2017

An offroader’s review of the TRAXXAS TRX4 model scale radio control rock crawler

Who wouldn’t love the TRAXXAS TRX4, a scale model rock crawler? FIRST I NEED TO SAY that this model is the epitome of “shut up and take my money”, and exactly why will become clear. Next I need to make clear that I am not a radio-control (RC) expert. Like most

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20 Jul 2017

How to turn your 7-seat 4X4 into a tourer and a back again

Some say they’ve never met a kilowatt they didn’t like.  Offroad tourers have never met an extra cubic centimetre of storage they didn’t like. A storage system is absolutely essential for tourers, who need to carry a large amount of smallish items, safely, and get to any one of them

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15 Jul 2017

So you’re thinking about buying a camper trailer…

There’s almost more species of camper trailers than there are insects, so let’s follow Ross Daws as he selects the perfect camper…for his family, anyway! I’VE SPENT ENOUGH time watching four wheel drive shows and visiting lifestyle expos to have learned for a fact that all I needed to transform

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14 Jul 2017

What type of offroad camper trailer should I buy?

There is an dizzying amount of choice in offroad camper trailers – so many manufacturers, and so many styles. WHILE THERE IS A LOT of choice in the camper trailer market, it is possible to roughly categorise them all. Here’s a guide to what’s what: What is a camper trailer?

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11 Jul 2017

How to be a good student at an offroad driver training event

Quality offroad driver training is perhaps the best investment a novice driver can make. WE HAVE COVERED what to look for in an offroad driver training course, but no matter how good the training you, the student, needs to do their part to get the most from your time and

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09 Jul 2017

Flashback: Land Rover’s 60th Annniversary in Australia, Cooma, 2008

The Land Rover was born as a stop-gap, so the Rover Car company could never have known that a lifetime later on thousands of enthusiasts would converge on the small NSW town of Cooma to celebrate the marque. We look back on Australia’s largest gathering of Land Rovers…. FOR MOST

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08 Jul 2017

A Lesson in Recovery – Handwinching

Never tempt the 4X4 gods by solo driving “just one more track” at the end of the day. About two years ago, I took my wife and dog for a trip up Mt Canobolas near Orange, to go and play in the snow for the afternoon. To avoid the traffic,

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07 Jul 2017

Why you don’t want a part-time 4X4 wagon or ute

Time was that all 4X4s just drove the rear wheels on road, but now there’s a choice of all wheel drive. So should you buy a part-time 4X4 vehicle? THE TWO BASIC drivetrains for 4X4 vehicles are full-time 4X4 and part-time 4X4.  Full-time 4X4 is also known as constant 4WD,

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