Ford Mustang owners and buyers will now have access to a catalogue of Ford Performance parts in Australia.

FORD MUSTANG BUYERS will now be able to spec up their car via their Ford dealership with “track-ready handling, exhaust and visual upgrades for an even more aggressive Mustang”.

“The Ford Mustang is one of the world’s most customized sports cars, and we’re paying homage to both the rich heritage of Mustang as well as answering massive demand for factory-approved, fully-warranted performance parts for Australian Mustang owners,” said Graeme Whickman, President and CEO, Ford Australia.

“This is the first time in Mustang’s five-decade history that an Australian consumer can take delivery of this iconic performance car with a full suite of upgrades straight off the showroom floor,” said Whickman.

“Even better, the benefit of these upgrades not only gives new Mustang buyers a chance to customize their own vehicle, but also extends to existing owners, who can have their local dealer fit any or all of these components to their own taste and desires.”

All of the parts on offer, Ford said, have undergone “extensive local testing and engineering assessments for compatibilty with the Australian Mustang specification and compliance with Australian Design”.

A full three-year, 100,000km Ford Express Warranty is offered if the parts are ordered with the purchase of a new Mustang and fitted at an authorised Ford dealership. Existing owners can also have their Mustang upgraded at their Ford dealer, and enjoy the peace-of-mind and security of a 12-month 20,000km warranty on the factory-approved parts fitted.

What can you buy? The parts include a mandrel-bent stainless steel 2.5-inch exhaust system to give a throatier note. And, for added “visual drama”, consumers can choose from 4.0-inch tips finished in classic chrome, or a black-tipped system to match Mustangs rear ‘diffuser’ Also available is the FR3-M9 Track Handling Pack includes lowering coil-springs, assembled front struts, upper strut mounts, rear shocks, sway bars, rear toe links and toe-to-knuckle bearings.

“We wanted to make a product that would be completely unique and special for this car,” says Ford Performance testing engineer Andy Vrenko. “So we used production processes and production suppliers, and we developed parts that are engineered and tuned for this car and our performance goals. This kit is unique, and none of the parts are available anywhere else.”


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  1. Prices are bit of a joke given the purchasing power of Ford. This is not high priced Euro trash where gouging is part of the show. I’ll bet the prices are a lot cheaper in USA even with currency conversion.

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