The German Transport Ministry (KBA) has asked Audi to recall 24,000 A7 and A8 models sold between 2009-2013 for emissions cheating. 

GERMAN AUTHORITIES have demanded Audi immediately recall 24,000 A7 and A8 models sold between 2009-2013 after it claimed investigations have revealed emissions cheating by the luxury car maker. This is the first time Audi has been accused of emissions manipulation by German authorities.

According to the German Transport Ministry the affected models run Euro-5 compliant engines that, after its testing were found to emit twice the legal limit of nitrogen oxides when the steering wheel is turned more than 15 degrees. This means, testing on a rolling road would fail to pick up on this emissions cheating.

Following the announcement by the German Transport Ministry, Audi issued a Europe-wide recall for the 24,000 A7 and A8 vehicles running the 3.0-litre turbo-diesel engine, around half of the vehicles sold are registered in Germany.

Audi has been given until June 12 to provide a ‘fix’ for the vehicles to the KBA for approval.


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