Meet Practical Motoring 4×4, a brand-new automotive website from the team behind Practical Motoring; dedicated to 4×4 owners and buyers.

MEET PRACTICAL MOTORING 4×4, an off-shoot of Practical Motoring; dedicated to the 4×4 buyer and owner. Here you’ll find some of the most comprehensive off-road vehicle reviews on the Internet, real-world advice articles, comprehensive tests and detailed explanations of what you need to know.

If you’re a regular reader of Practical Motoring you might recognise some of the articles – we’ve taken the 4×4 specialist content from Practical Motoring and concentrated it all here, but updated some of it while we’re at it. We’ve also added lots of new articles, and from here on this is where you’ll find all our new, specialised 4×4 touring and towing material.

Our main writers are all people who have been there and done that in off-roading – they own modified vehicles, regularly drive off-road and have all been stuck, broken something, fixed something and generally lived the off-road life. That’s why we can write with authority.

Since Practical Motoring was formed, we’ve broken the story on MA/MC, identified the Fortuner’s ground clearance was massively overstated, highlighted that 3500kg rated cars can’t generally tow 3500kg in the real world (an idea which has since been copied many times, occasionally correctly) and we were the first to publish a Nissan NP300 off-road test thanks to Ironman. And now that PM4x4 is launched we plan to do much more.

Our focus is on the touring off-roader. And yes, that also means we’ll be covering the off-road-capable SUVs like Foresters, Outlanders and Vitaras, but not Mazda CX-3s, or the latest Pathfinder (we’ll leave that to Practical Motoring). We’re part of the Practical Motoring brand, and that’s where you’ll find articles useful to off-roaders and everyday car buyers and owners in general, but not specific to off-roading such as exploring the ‘clean petrol’ claims and explaining things like CVT and DSG.

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