My Octavia is an emissions cheat
13 Oct 2015

My Skoda Octavia 103TDI is a #dieselgate emissions cheat UPDATED

Like Lance Armstrong, my Skoda Octavia 103TDI is a cheat. It’s a dirty, poisonous gas belching cheat and it’s all Volkswagen Group’s fault… #dieselgate.

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13 Oct 2015

CAMS offers sportscar owners an easy way to get on track

CAMS is keen to tempt car enthusiasts into enjoying their cars on tracks by continuing its successful “Come and Try” programme for 2015. Ever wanted to have a go on a racetrack?  Been put off by the risk and expense?  Then you should attend a CAMS “Come and Try” training

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01 Oct 2015

Simple cars for sophisticated minds – Caterham, Morgan and the future of niche cars

For some people it’s a painting. Or maybe clothes, and quite often coffee. And then there are cars… Enter Caterham and Morgan; simple cars for sophisticated minds.

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28 Sep 2015

One 2015 Mitsubishi Triton, a bunch of girls and the Birdsville Races

#bachelorau wasn’t trending in QLD last week, it was all about #birdstobirdsville as 11 girls went on an epic 1900km roadtrip to Birdsville in a new 2015 Mitsubishi Triton.

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UK to ban smoking in cars... it's already illegal in Australia
26 Sep 2015

UK to ban smoking in cars with kids… it’s already illegal here!

From 1 October (2015) it will be illegal to smoke in a car or any other vehicle with children under the age of 18 present. But it’s already illegal in Australia…

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13 Sep 2015

Car History: Suzuki’s 4X4 heritage

How and why did Suzuki come to be a respected, but niche, manufacturer of 4x4s? With a new Vitara now to, we thought we’d take a look at Suzuki’s 4×4 heritage.

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10 Sep 2015

Would you buy a sportscar ute?

We love Fast cars.  We love Utes.  Why not both? What you see above is the overactive imagination of X-Tomi Design, not a production model.  Or even close to one.  The marriage of ute and sportscar has never been a particuarly happy one, even if there’s been favourites like HSV’s

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2015 Mitsubishi Triton to the Birdsville Races
10 Sep 2015

2015 Mitsubishi Triton on the Birdsville Track

Who doesn’t like a trip to the races? But what happens when those races are 1900km away at the end of a rough track in the Outback… Hannah Statham takes the wheel of a 2015 Mitsubishi Triton to find out.

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07 Sep 2015

But why doesn’t it exist for my 4X4? Or my car?

Settle down.  There’s no conspiracy theory in the aftermaket industry. You don’t have to be around 4X4s long to realise that all of them can easily be bettered by adding a few aftermarket accessories.  That may be a snorkel, cargo barrier, long-range tank, dual battery, locking differential or whatever fits

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27 Aug 2015

This Lego Porsche 917K 1970 is so cool

LEGO Ideas is where brick builders go to show off what they’ve built in the hope Lego will commission the thing. And this Lego Porsche 917K is awesome.

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27 Aug 2015

Land Rover demonstrate pedestrian airbags

Airbags have protected drivers for years, and now they can help prevent injuries to pedestrians – Land Rover demonstrate pedestrian airbags for Discovery Sport.

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26 Aug 2015

Dealing with an odd noise

“The Lexus made a funny noise so I drove back and took the Hyundai” are not words you hear every day. But it’s words I heard last night from Mrs P.   And it turns out there was a funny yellow light on the dashboard too.  Here it is, in the

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22 Aug 2015

Compared: 2016 Mitsubishi Triton 4X4 Exceed and Triton GLS

Do you go for the 2016 Triton Mitsubishi 4×4 Exceed or Triton GLS dual-cab? On our test We had both to play with, so here’s a comparison…

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21 Aug 2015

Ford’s new Ranger and the Reversing Camera debate…

there’s a bit of noise about reversing cameras not being standard on 2016 Ford Ranger. Here’s my two cents…

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13 Aug 2015

4X4 manufacturers need to get their advertising right

4X4 TV ads often show environmentally unsound behaviour and recovery techniques when off-roading that are potentially deadly – all in the pursuit of grabbing your attention.

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