Do you go for the 2016 Mitsubishi Triton 4×4 Exceed or Triton GLS dual-cab? On our test We had both to play with, so here’s a comparison…

LIKE MOST UTES, the new Triton comes in a range of body styles – single-, king- and dual-cab. As usual, not all grades of trim are available across all three styles.    Triton-x3 The range of trim levels is:

  • GLX;
  • GLS; and
  • Exceed.

Our test car was the top-spec Exceed in blue (and you can read our test of it HERE), only available as an automatic dual-cab and it is the only model with the factory rear locker. The GLS is the next spec down, and there’s one below in grey.  It has a few accessories from the Triton range which you can browse here. Here’s some pricing:

  • Hard tonneau lid $2426;
  • Snorkel $748;
  • Towbar $847;
  • Roofrack crossbars $317.90; and
  • Nudge bar $731.50.

The wheels, as per Exceed, are an option on GLS for $1521.68.  

The sidesteps are stock standard. They are good on-road..ensure you remove before any off-road work.

Here’s the Exceed interior:   RMP_8934 And the GLS interior: RMP_9018 GoPro not standard! There’s not a lot of difference, and the better infotainment unit on Exceed is nothing special. This GLS has neoprene seat covers which aren’t standard. Remember, any seat covers you buy for modern cars must be airbag compatible as some cars have airbags built into the seats.   The GLS dual-cab auto is $43,490 (+ORC), the Exceed $47,490 (+ORC). Here’s what the Exceed has that the GLS lacks:

  • Paddle shifters;
  • One Touch Start System;
  • Smart Key keyless operation;
  • Rain sensing wipers;
  • Dusk sensing headlamps;
  • MMCS with satellite navigation;
  • Differential lock;
  • Leather seats; and
  • Power driver seat.

However, the GLS, as pictured, has several accessories (refer above). It incldues a factory snorkel, but I prefer to trust the aftermarket who are clear about their products being waterproof.    The Super Select transmission is only on GLS and Exceed. The remainder get Easy Select which is a part-time 2WD system.   You could also drop down to the GLX dual-cab for $39,490 (auto). Here’s what GLS has over GLX:

  • Super Select 4WD;
  • 17” alloy wheels;
  • Side steps – tube type;
  • Rear step bumper;
  • Front fog lamps;
  • 3 spoke leather steering wheel;
  • LED Daytime Running Lamps; and
  • Sports bar.

Out of that lot the Super Select is the thing that appeals. GLX has steel rims but they’re easily swapped out aftermarket.

Here’s what the seats look like, GLS on left (with covers), Exceed on right. They are equally comfortable:



What to buy

If I was buying a Triton for family and work I’d take the GLS, then put the $4k saved over Exceed towards an aftermarket rear locker (or two) and ditch the infotainment unit, replacing it with an aftermarket version. An aftermarket rear locker would still let traction control work on the front axle, so even better than the factory unit. There would be space under the bonnet for a compressor too, if you opted for ARB Air Lockers.

The six-speed manual option is a bit less, $40,990 (+ORC).

Money you’ll need to spend

  • Ditch the diff weight – refer to the main review for details;
  • Touring off-roaders will definitely want taller tyres and a suspension lift (subject to your state’s laws on modifications) and a towbar that doesn’t destroy the departure angle.

Lid open. There’s an LED light but I think a set of strips would be a better idea. The lid is lockable by key (not by remote), but you can still open the tailgate!  This hard tonneau cover is a $2426 option.
GLS. The blank is where the stop/start button goes in Exceed.  This one also had an electric brake controller.  Mitsubishi is very keen to play up Triton’s towing ability.
GLS adjustments.
Nudge bar installation involves cutting the grill. Not the neatest of jobs here. Nothing else secures the nudgebar. If you really want it get one, but there’s plenty of proper bullbars instead.  The nudgebar costs $731.50
Only Exceed gets paddleshifters. GLS’s auto is controlled by fowards/backwards on the gearshift, which can be done with Exceed as well.


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