20 Mar 2016

How to get a good deal from your 4WD accessory supplier

Everybody wants top service and mates rates, right? It’s a two way street, as Scott May from Everything 4WD explains: “We get a lot of people coming into the store looking for the next bit of kit for their car and we are more than happy to assist with any

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04 Mar 2016

Are you a road-going fatberg? Or how to drive with consideration for others

The world would be a better place without the road-goingfatberg. Here’s how to drive with consideration for others.

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May car sales fall in Australia
26 Feb 2016

Will we keep on buying new cars?

Back in 2007 the Australian new cars industry passed the magic one million sales, and in 2015 another record was set. But is that growth, or keeping pace?

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19 Feb 2016

Should you care about the changes to the personal car import laws?

Changes to car import laws will come into play in 2018 , but despite the automotive industry’s hue and cry most car buyers won’t care.

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24 Jan 2016

A reader is alarmed by the number of SUV reviews on Practical Motoring

We love to hear from our readers, and every so often we answer them via a BLOG. This one is concerned by the number of SUV reviews…

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14 Jan 2016

Watch 11 current and future Formula 1 world champions race identical cars

Formula 1 world champions are the best, but who’s best of the best?

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Top Gear Stig
12 Jan 2016

What might be wrong with the new Top Gear

Jeremy, James and Richard are gone, and we have four replacements for the new Top Gear, Or is that two?

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02 Dec 2015

Christmas Gifts for Offroaders

Off-road drivers are lovable people so naturally you’d want to get them nice christmas gifts, but you absolutely must read our gift-buying advice first…

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21 Nov 2015

And on That Bombshell by Richard Porter: book review, an insider’s look at Top Gear

Top Gear had up to 350 million viewers worldwide but there’s been very little written about how the programme was made. Until now, thanks to Richard Porter.

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19 Nov 2015

Skeuomorphs in motoring

If you tell a kid something, they just accept it, like the existence of Santa Claus, tooth fairies or honest pollies. Adults aren’t so accepting.  First they need to understand why they need to know, then if something is new it had better fit with their existing experience and knowledge

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17 Nov 2015

Mother takes son to Nürburgring, waits in carpark, son crashes

Parenting. Most car enthusiasts are keen for their kids to get into cars from a young age, but there are limits… like letting a 16-year old loose on the Nürburgring.

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01 Nov 2015

How about a van like the Mitsubishi Delica for off-road touring?

No off-road tourer has ever said “that’s too much space”. So why aren’t we driving 4×4 vans? And we’re thinking about the Mitsubishi Delica…

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22 Oct 2015

M, F, F, AMG, RS, RS, TRD, SRT…and now N? Thoughts on Hyundai N performance

Car companies have been rolling out performance brands for years, now we have the hyundai N performance arm…

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20 Oct 2015

Never try and swerve around an animal on the road…

I’ve seen some bizarre things but one day in 2013 was a first… a man chasing an echidna… on the freeway. Here’s what to do if you see an animal on the road.

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17 Oct 2015

What we might see in the new Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ

The Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ is a little over three years old now, so it’s time to think about what might come next…

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