Both Lamborghini and Bentley have announced they’ll be skipping the Paris Motor Show next week ahead of alleged cost-cutting by parent company Volkswagen.

VOLKSWAGEN HAS admitted that it’s fixed just 10% of vehicles with engines affected by its diesel ‘cheat device’ and that it might never send diesel cars back to the US. And now, VW owned companies, Lamborghini and Bentley have announced they’ll be skipping the Paris Motor Show next week.

Bentley has said it’s skipping the show to concentrate on smaller events to market specifically to buyers, which makes perfect sense. And Lamborghini said it is revising its motor show strategy, which includes the choice of show locations, according to Reuters.

Motor shows can cost a small fortune which resulted in the death of our own local motor show circuit. And Volvo and Bentley aren’t the only companies walking away from Paris. Ford, Volvo, which has its new V90 Cross Country to show off, and Aston Martin won’t be at the Paris Motor Show.

The switch is now to making better use of company databases to target buyers, as well as smaller consumer-oriented events, and using influential bloggers and traditional media to get the word out.

Question: Would you prefer to wander a motor show and drool on all the new metal, or receive an email from your local dealer to test drive a new model that you’re specifically interested in?


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  1. Definitely an email from the local dealer, and a test drive…..that way I can test the car on roads I drive regularly to directly compare it to other models I’m interested in, or even my current vehicle….if the dealer will let me have the car for a few hrs at least, that’s even better….

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