Putting ZOLEO to the Test: Phil’s Four-Month Review on the Road.

In my adventures on the road, I often find myself in places where mobile phone coverage is scarce at best. While this offers a certain allure of solitude, it also presents potential risks, especially when riding solo. That’s where the ZOLEO satellite communicator comes into play – a device that promises to bridge the gap in mobile coverage through satellite connectivity, potentially serving as a crucial lifeline in remote areas.

Testing the ZOLEO

Over the past four months, I’ve had the opportunity to extensively test the ZOLEO satellite communicator. Designed as a global messaging device suitable for various outdoor activities, including four-wheel driving, hunting, camping, and off-road riding, the ZOLEO aims to keep adventurers connected regardless of their location.

Features and Performance

Powered by satellite technology, the ZOLEO eliminates mobile coverage black spots, allowing users to send text messages from virtually anywhere on earth. Its compact size, weighing just 150 grams, coupled with a lithium-ion battery that runs for over 200 hours, ensures longevity on remote trails. Additionally, its robust construction, resistant to dust, shock, and water, makes it a reliable companion in challenging environments.

Practical Usage

In my experience, integrating the ZOLEO into my outdoor activities has been straightforward. Whether I’m riding solo or communicating with fellow riders, friends, or family, the ZOLEO app provides seamless connectivity. The device’s intelligent functionality automatically switches between mobile and satellite networks, ensuring efficient message delivery without unnecessary charges.

Safety Features

One of the standout features of the ZOLEO is its SOS function, akin to a personal emergency beacon. Activating the SOS button sends precise location data to pre-selected contacts and local emergency services, facilitating swift assistance in critical situations. The audible and visual alarms minimize the risk of accidental activation, providing added peace of mind.

Real-Life Rescues

During a recent trip with Cape York Motorcycle Adventures, the effectiveness of the ZOLEO’s SOS function was put to the test. In an emergency scenario where mobile coverage was nonexistent, the SOS button enabled prompt coordination of rescue efforts, ultimately leading to a successful outcome. This real-life example underscores the importance of having reliable communication tools in remote environments.


The ZOLEO satellite communicator offers a reliable solution for adventurers seeking to stay connected and safe in off-the-grid locations. Its robust construction, seamless connectivity, and life-saving SOS function make it a valuable companion for outdoor enthusiasts

Availability and Pricing

For those interested in equipping themselves with the ZOLEO satellite communicator, it is readily available from ZOLEO’s online store and various retailers across Australia. With plans starting from just $32 per month and optional accessories like the Cradle Kit available, staying connected in the wilderness has never been more accessible.

The ZOLEO satellite communicator is available from ZOLEO’s online store, as well as retailers around Australia, including Anaconda, AutoBarn and many more.

The main unit is $345.00 RRP, with plans from just $32/month. The Cradle Kit is $49.95 RRP and other accessories are available.

Learn more about the ZOLEO satellite communicator at zoleo.com.


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