Bentley customers are electing more personalisation than ever before, resulting in record revenue.

Bentley is ready to record its best year on record following strong Q3 2022 sales results. The British luxury car maker says profits have doubled year to date to over $880 million.Bentley Bentayga EWB 7
The huge revenue increase comes with only a three per cent sales increase. The reason for the seeming discrepancy is that customers are electing for more personalisation of their vehicles, resulting in a big uptick in revenue.
The trajectory puts Bentley on course to record its best year ever and break its profit record. Its previous profit record was $578.92 million last year (2021).
Bentley Bentayga EWB 8
Speaking to revenue made on each model in its lineup, Bentley says that it has increased from $277,000 per vehicle last year to $337,000.
“Significant increase in demand and capitalisation of our Mulliner personalisation programme has driven record return on sales, and continued global interest in the freshest model line in the luxury sector has resulted in record high revenues,” says Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark.
Bentley Flying Spur Speed 2023 15
The best-selling Bentley remains the Bentayga SUV, growing its share of total sales by one per cent to 41. Hallmark also says the Bentyaga could become even more popular. “The launch of the new Bentayga Extended Wheelbase model is expected to further boost sales of Bentley’s luxury SUV.” As for the rest of the range, the Flying Spur retains its 27 per cent share of sales and the Continental GT takes in 32 per cent.
Along with the Bentayga EWB, Bentley’s SUV has also gained Azure and S versions of its Hybrid model, plus a limited Odyssean Edition in recent months. The Flying Spur range has also been updated with a new Speed model and a driver-focused S version.

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