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2016 Mitsubishi Triton gets two new 4×2 GLX variants for workers

The 2016 Mitsubishi Triton was launched recently to acclaim, and now Mitsubishi is hoping to broaden its appeal as a work vehicle with the addition of two new 4×2 GLX variants.

MITSUBISHI IS expanding the 2016 Mitsubishi Triton range with the introduction of two new 4×2 Triton GLX variants, adding a new entry level 2.4-litre petrol GLX Single Cab from $21,990 (+ORC) and a manual transmission version of the GLX Double Cab from $33,490 (+ORC). 

Mitsubishi said it will also make its 4×4 Triton GLX Double Cab range available with a cab chassis model. The cab chassis variant is available with Triton’s new 2.4-litre diesel engine with 6-speed manual transmission or optional 5-speed auto.

Triton’s entry level GLX Single Cab will be fitted with a 2.4-litre four-cylinder multi-point injection EURO 5 petrol engine with 5-speed manual transmission.  The petrol engine generates 94kW of power and 194Nm of torque and has an official consumption of 10.9 litres/100km and 254 gm/km of CO2.

The Triton 4×2 GLX 2.4 MT diesel continues to be available from $24,490 (+ORC).


Triton Single Cab GLX 4×2 petrol MT                   $21,990 recommended retail

Triton Double Cab Pick Up GLX 4×2 MT             $33,490 recommended retail

Triton Double Cab Chassis GLX 4×4 MT            $36,240 recommended retail

Triton Double Cab Chassis GLX 4×4 AT             $38,740 recommended retail        

2.4 Petrol GLX Single Cab Capped Price Servicing:

Service intervals are 15,000km or 12 months, whichever comes first.

15,000km (12 months)        $235 RRP

30,000km (24 months)        $265 RRP

45,000km (36 months)        $265 RRP

60,000km (48 months)        $265 RRP

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober