Jeep has announced it will move production of its best-selling Cherokee from its Toledo factory apparently green-lighting the way for a Jeep Wrangler ute from 2018.

JEEP HAS BEEN talking about a Wrangler ute for many years now and, according to Automotive News (subscription required) the prayers of the Wrangler faithful have finally been heard. It seems the Jeep Wrangler ute is a GO.

The reason for this, according to Automotive News, is after a decision was made to move Jeep Cherokee production from FCA’s factory at Toledo, where the Wrangler is also produced. Plant managers were told yesterday morning that the Cherokee would be moved and that Wrangler production would be expanded.

Jeep has been teasing Wrangler ute concepts for years, with the Gladiator concept (pictured as main image) shown back in 2005. With no details known of the Wrangler ute, although details are expected to begin dribbling out later this month, the Gladiator (based on a Ram 1500 platform) and the Wrangler JK8 (an aftermarket ute transformation via Mopar) are the most likely hints as to what we can expect.

Stay tuned.



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  1. Leave the electronic toys for the pretend 4WD’s, make this utilitarian and a real man’s car.
    Cut to the bone and plenty of grunt.

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