Mitsubishi Australia will deliver a tough truck Triton based on the Absolute concept which could be called the Predator, but don’t expect a Ranger Raptor-rivalling attempt.

MITSUBISHI AUSTRALIA HAS confirmed it will launch a new Triton model based on the Absolute concept revealed in Thailand. It could be called the Predator.

A further titbit of interesting information is that the Absolute concept was in Australia before it even reached Thailand, with the car shown to local Mitsubishi dealers 12 months ago to gauge interest. Of course, the dealers were excited.

Speaking with Practical Motoring, Mitsubishi Australia product manager Owen Thompson said that a derivative of that car will come to market based on the initial consultation with dealers.

“You’ll see something, but it may not be directly related to the Absolute,” Thompson said, confirming a toughened Triton will appear in Australia before the current model ends its lifecycle.

“The little-known story is that the Absolute was seen in Australia before it was seen in Thailand. 

“We had to keep it under wraps before its reveal and the dealers were incredibly excited.

“We’ve had that car around the country for about 12 months and gauging people’s reaction to it to see what may be next.”

The obvious comparison to any future tough truck is the Ford Ranger Raptor, which is widely accepted as the most extreme example of manufacturer ute modification on the current market. That car has replaced its leaf-sprung rear for a racing-inspired Watt’s link setup with Fox Racing Shox suspension. The tough Triton won’t be chasing those goals, according to Thompson, at least not initially.

“I wouldn’t think anything like that in the short term,” he said when asked if the modification will carry onto the chassis.

“We need to consider where we are in the current lifecycle so something that happens may look a little different and it’s hard to judge with the way the ute market is going right now…. It’s all about the economics of the project.”

And as for the name of the Triton model? We asked if Mitsubishi Australia’s filing for the Predator name was a hint as to what the Raptor rival would be called.

“Who knows what it will be called,” said Thompson elusively, “As a matter of course we registered it. And sometimes we just do things for whatever.” That trademark is set to be accepted in February next year.

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