After the positive response to the Hyundai Santa Cruz concept, Hyundai is expected to confirm production of its first ute in November.

WHEN HYUNDAI presented its Santa Cruz concept at the Detroit Motor Show in January this year the world went into meltdown. And Hyundai has clearly taken the demand for the thing to be built on-board, telling US magazine, Car and Driver that a decision to put the Santa Cruz into production is expected in November.

As we all know, the Santa Cruz isn’t a full-size truck by US standards but, given it’s based on a Santa Fe, it would work well in Australia. Unlikely to be full-time all-wheel drive, the Santa Cruz wouldn’t be aimed at the work-and-play set, more the play set requiring something to drag around a jet ski or the family, and not wanting to own a full-blown dual-cab ute.

Hyundai Motor America CEO Dave Zuchowski recently told the Detroit Free Press that he was pushing to accelerate the development and launch of the Santa Cruz-inspired ute. So, while the US is likely to be the brand’s primary market, we want to know, how well would a predominantly front-wheel drive ute go in Australia? 


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  1. Real risk is bean counters ignore latent demand and make it left hook/petrol only.

    Potential in oz? Should a right hook diesel awd version Could occupy the market like the subaru brumby did in the 80’s-90’s. Again bean counters killed that to subarus and the driving communities detriment.

  2. It may well have a few takers in California or North Sydney, but really! Have you seen the state of Hyundai’s in the outback?
    You might as well have an ex. taxi Falcon!

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