Volvo Trucks is well-known for its epic truck-related YouTube sensations… remember the Jean Claude VanDamme ‘epic splits’. Well, it’s done it again. And this time a Volvo Truck drives on two wheels…

OVER THE LAST few weeks, Volvo has been rolling out a series of short films featuring YouTube featuring Swedish-American hip-hop artist, Mapei. The series is based around shooting a video clip for her new single and both her and all the stuff needed for the video clip is being transported in a, you guessed it, Volvo Truck. The team only has nine days to do it…

This particular clip, Titled: Truck Ballet in Berlin (episode three) is, more or less, just about getting the truck to sustain a two-wheel drive. And while you might think the danger with driving on two wheels is that the vehicle will want to fall onto its side, it isn’t. Rather, the concern is that the vehicle will want to keep righting itself and falling back onto its wheels.

And I know this for a fact. Having spent some time with what was then the HiLux Heroes but is now Team D-Max, I actually got to have a crack at driving on two wheels myself. And I even managed to sustain a two-wheel drive for about, wait for it, 20 metres. Doesn’t sound like long and indeed it isn’t, but from inside the cabin it felt like I was a driving god.

But, as to how you would even contemplate driving a truck on two wheels is beyond me. Sure, the physics are possibly the same, although maybe they’re not thanks to the giant cabin jutting up into the air… Anyway, I’d say skip forwards to the two-wheeling, but you’ll have to watch from the start and just scrub through the bits that aren’t about two-wheeling a Volvo Truck.

Here’s the video:


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