Okay, calm down, we’re not stalking you.

We all just wanted to say thanks very much for commenting. People don’t say ‘thanks’ enough these days, nor do they wave anymore when you stop and let someone in in traffic, and we know it’s a big step from reading to diving in and getting involved in the discussion, so, again, thanks. It really does mean a lot to us. We’re working hard to build a strong community at Practical Motoring and your presence can only make it stronger.

If you like what you read on Practical Motoring, we’d love it if you stuck around. This site was built on the promise of delivering – free-for-all users – honest, no-nonsense content to help make buying and owning a new car easier. So, whatever you have to say, we want to hear it. And, if you just commented to disagree with us, then we say and especially big thanks for that, because we know that those are usually the scariest comments to leave. If, however, you were a jerk about it, then … well … no problems, we forgive you.

If you like what you’ve been reading on Practical Motoring, you may want to do one of the following:

Thanks again for taking the time and courage to become part of our community, if only for a single day. We hope to see you back soon.

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