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The stuff you find in second-hand cars

Buying a second-hand car is fun. Sometimes there are unexpected treasures – coins, CDs, etc. Commonly I’d find these plus lollies and lipsticks.

I BOUGHT MY 2003 Subaru WRX wagon in October last year. I paid at the lower end of the market, because it was a little rough around the edges. The owner hadn’t detailed it inside or out but I proceeded with the purchase anyway. There were the usual accidently-left-behind items – coins in the ash tray, a CD in the CD player, nothing too out of the ordinary. A few stray single earrings and clothing tags didn’t raise any eyebrows.

Fast forward four months and I also haven’t detailed the car. But today I happened upon a strange compartment in the centre console. I don’t know if it’s factory or someone’s made that hole and I’m not sure how I didn’t notice it before. I peer down and see plastic containers of some description. My mind wanders. Is this a secret storage compartment for drugs? Have I unknowingly become a drug courier?!

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With skinny fingers and kitchen utensils I manage to tease out the following:

I seem to have found someone’s personal stash of beauty products wedged under my handbrake. I’d wondered what that rattle was. The haul – a receipt from a chemist from 2004, hand cream that expired in 2009 and mascara. I look further with a torch… there’s more stuff in there:

I think I can see an IKEA pencil and a rubber band. I’m tempted to unscrew and pull the whole centre console out to see what else lies beneath.

What’s the most unusual find you’ve made in a second-hand car?

Juliette Remfrey

Juliette Remfrey

A car enthusiast with a background in the modified street car and sportscar scene with a developing passion for offroad 4WDing.