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New 2022 Subaru WRX teased

Subaru teases the top half of the new fifth-gen WRX…but it’s the lower parts that we really want to see.

Shown for the first time as a sneaky preview image with darkened areas, Subaru’s new WRX is not far from its public debut.

The new model looks set to follow the same formula with bonnet scoop and bulging body panels, plus the evergreen four-door bodystyle, though without a huge rear wing this is unlikely to be the STI model. Looking at spy shots, overall styling seems to mimic the Viziv Performance Concept and we expect similar headlights upfront that will be the defining design element.

Subaru has not released any details except the image, so rumours are the only sort of information to go on, though the Japanese brand has said it “will be here so fast, it will take your breath away”.

According to overseas reports, the engine will be the same 2.4-litre boxer as the new BRZ, though turbocharged and producing around 220kW and 400Nm, and with expected manual and CVT auto options. The driveline will be all-wheel drive and the STI model – if one comes – should bring performance upgrades for both engine and driveline.

A significant upgrade will come via the new Subaru Global Platform underneath, bringing improvements to torsional rigidity, ride and handling and also new technology such as a full safety suite and better in-car entertainment options.

Subaru Australia is quiet on the new model though we anticipate it will launch locally next year.

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2 years ago


Ben Tate
Ben Tate
2 years ago

I’d suggest that the WRX needs to equal the Stinger’s 0 – 100 time. Under 5 secs.
0 – 100 in 6.? secs is fairly routine these days. The V6 Camry manages this.

The STI 0 – 100 time needs to be 4.5 secs or better to better than the WRX. And to close the gap to the AMG A45.

Ben Tate

Alex Rae

Alex Rae