30 Aug 2017

Taking ‘life is too short for boring cars’ too far?

7 years ago 1 14

A famous journalist once said ‘life is too short for boring cars’…

Richard Henning 1
Holden FX
23 May 2017

Reader Writes – Holden: A Brief History… an Uncertain Future

7 years ago 1 43

This is a brief look at some of the highs and lows of Holden’s history manufacturing cars in Australia, and what future it might have as a full-line importer.

Andrew Riles 1
15 May 2017

4WD: The Journey Continues

7 years ago 1 24

In my previous article here, I shared how I learned about 4WD in a Suzuki Grand Vitara. My second and current 4WD is a 1996 Toyota Hilux.

Andrew Riles 1
10 May 2017

If you have a friend who is a crazy driver…

7 years ago 1 22

If you have a friend who is a crazy driver, chances are he’s been crazy from birth.

Geoff Lines 1
how to clean a windscreen
26 Apr 2017

Reader Advice: How to clean your windscreen

7 years ago 5 17

It’s not just the outside of your windscreen that gets grimy… here’s how one reader suggests you should clean the inside of your windscreen.

Jason Squire 5
21 Apr 2017

Life’s Too Short For Boring Cars. No It’s Not

7 years ago 16 5

Life’s Too Short For Boring Cars. No It’s Not! Someone I know has L2S4BC (Short for; “Life’s Too Short For […]

Geoff Lines 16
The Suzuki Swift Sport isn't quite as aggressive as the Fiesta ST
03 Apr 2017

I tried to buy a Suzuki Swift Sport. Twice. And Failed.

7 years ago 5 0

Yes, I did try to buy a Suzuki Swift Sport. Twice. And failed. I know, you immediately think I’m either a nut bar or just not that smart but please bear with me…

Geoff Lines 5
Using a mobile phone while driving
28 Mar 2017

There are no dangerous roads. Just dangerous drivers. Bring on driverless cars.

7 years ago 4 1

Dangerous roads are a thing of fiction, but dangerous drivers are a thing of fact.

Geoff Lines 4
21 Mar 2017

I learned all about 4WD with a Suzuki Grand Vitara

7 years ago 0 6

My first 4WD was a 2000 model Suzuki Grand Vitara, LWB V6 auto and it taught me a lot over three years.

Andrew Riles 0
19 Mar 2017

Why I drive a weird little car… A Smart Roadster

7 years ago 3 9

Is it electric? If I had a dollar for every time that question has been asked I would have enough spare change to buy another weird little car.

Stephen Harrison 3
17 Mar 2017

Seems you can easily modify the 4×4, but you can’t modify driver behaviour

7 years ago 12 7

In the interests of full declaration, I must confess to only being a partial rev head and 4×4 nut.

Geoff Lines 12
car buying advice - reader question - which small car
09 Mar 2017

Choosing the perfect car…

7 years ago 3 3

Does the perfect car exist? No. But the perfect car certainly does and here’s a list of the things you should consider when shopping for your perfect car.

Vicky Rowe 3
06 Mar 2017

I got pinged for doing 104km/h in a 100km/h zone…

7 years ago 25 0

Guns, revenue, speed, “towards zero” and police driving standards…

Cameron Wearing 25
01 Mar 2017

The stuff you find in second-hand cars

7 years ago 8 1

Buying a second-hand car is fun. Sometimes there are unexpected treasures – coins, CDs, etc. Commonly I’d find these plus lollies and lipsticks.

Juliette Remfrey 8
Range Rover P38A
28 Feb 2017

Why I bought a Range Rover… from the beginning

7 years ago 0 0

Some lusted after the Lamborghini Countach, but for me it was the P38 Range Rover… it smelled of luxury and yet could follow a mountain goat up a track.

George Bober 0
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