After driving the Subaru XV off-road last week I’ve been left wondering whether I should get some vinyl wrap to keep it safe from scratches. Welcome to week 6.

Run by: Isaac Bober
Travel: 2258km
Fuel consumption: 7.5L/100km (7.0L/100km official)
List price: $36,990 (+ORC)
Service Costs: Nil
Week ending: 22 August.

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THIS WEEK I’VE BARELY seen the Subaru XV. I’ve been swapping between a BMW X5 and a Range Rover Sport … decisions, decisions, and so the XV has only had the odd short run around town. But it continues to impress.

With a tight turning circle and finger-light steering for parking manoeuvres, the XV makes short work of ducking and weaving around underground car parks. It’s also a cinch to drive around town, although, and I’m relying on the car’s computer brain, the fuel consumption has crept up to 7.5L/100km, and while the XV is happy to drink 91RON that’s a bit high for my liking.

Normal driving service will resume next week, so the fuel consumption should come down considerably. My wallet will be pleased.

In other news, I noticed after taking the XV rough-roading last week that there was, as you’d expect, a fair bit of mud and crud being splatter up against the paint work – also noticed some light scratches, ahem, brush marks from wandering along overgrown tracks. So, I started investigating wrapping the lower parts of the door panels in vinyl and then, lo-and-behold, received three boxes of Armor All Custom Shield which is a spray-on, peel-off paint and body protection.

According to the information on the box the stuff has been formulate to last for about three months promising all the benefits of vinyl wrap in a spray can; you can even spray it onto your alloys to keep them unstained by brake dust. Available in either Black, White or Clear, I was hoping to have already applied the stuff to the XV, but it’s been bucketing down with rain this week – next week hopefully.

Until then, if anyone’s used the Armor All Custom Shield, I’d love to hear how you went. Did it do what it says it’ll do on the can?


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