Hyundai i20 WRC and Jane Speechley
05 Dec 2016

What I learned sliding through gravel at 160km/h [with Video]

Behind the clouds of dust and dirt, what’s really going on inside a world championship rally car during the heat of the race? Jane Speechley was lucky enough to get a glimpse.

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05 Dec 2016

Don’t you like the look of your car?

You can change the way you look, and that goes for your car too.

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Shane Van Gisbergen
28 Nov 2016

Rating the Supercars season ahead of the finale

A look back at the Supercars season before it ends this weekend… we’re expecting Shane van Gisbergen will take the title, but…

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keycard car key
28 Nov 2016

Car keys… when did they stop being a key?

It wasn’t all that long ago that a car key was actually a key, that you could use to insert into a lock…

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26 Nov 2016

What did I learn about the Toyota Camry Hybrid after 12 hours?

You learn a lot about a Toyota Camry Hybrid if the drive is six hours there and six hours back…

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This is NZ Transport Minister, Simon Bridges behind the wheel of the autonomous XC90 and not our scribbler.
21 Nov 2016

Hands-free driving plug only temporary

For just one-hour last Friday, New Zealand and Volvo were at the forefront of autonomous vehicle testing. Our Richard Bosselman went hands-free.

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choosing a car
21 Nov 2016

Choosing the right car for you… and why emotions matter

With what seems to be an ever-increasing array of choices in the new car market, how do you actually make a decision? Jane Speechley wants to talk about emotions

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Girls at motor shows
21 Nov 2016

Girls on show… but why?

Take a look at any motor show in recent memory and you’ll notice that there are almost as many women as cars, sometimes more… why?

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14 Nov 2016

Marketing, physics and busting the 50:50 weight balance myth

Mazda, BMW, Jaguar and others like to talk about the ‘perfect’ 50:50 weight distribution. You shouldn’t believe them.

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Prodrive leave fans in the lurch
14 Nov 2016

Ford fans left feeling blue

Why has Prodrive taken its foot off the gas and left its title wide open for Triple Eight to steal?

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14 Nov 2016

Badge Snot – Or when you buy a car and can’t afford the servicing

Automotive advertising tends to sell the sizzle and not the steak… especially when it comes to European cars, says Richard Robertson.

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Does where a car's made really matter anymore?
14 Nov 2016

Country of origin Vs country of manufacture

German cars, Korean cars, Australian cars. You know what they are. Or do you? Is a car’s spiritual home the same as its actual country of manufacture? And which of those two matters more?

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07 Nov 2016

Is Australia better seen from a 4WD or a motorhome?

Is Australia better seen from a 4WD or a motorhome… What’s more important, travel flexibility or comfort?

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road rage
07 Nov 2016

Australia’s most annoying driving habits?

If only everyone else out there could drive as well as – obviously – the readers and writers of Practical Motoring, wonders Jane Speechley.

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Using a mobile phone while driving
07 Nov 2016

Distracted drivers are d**ks

Fines for using mobile phones while driving are on the up, while for p-plate drivers there’s a ban on their use… so why are people still holding on.

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