BMW Supports Charge Net NZ to connect New Zealand on "Electric Hughway. The event at BMW New Zealand - with speeches from BMW NZ Managing Director Florian Rennorder, CEO of Charge Net Steve West and Minister Hon Simon Bridges. Mandatory Photo Credit ©Michael Bradley.
07 Nov 2016

How much zap to New Zealand’s EV power push?

With New Zealand’s Government having plugged in the merits of electric cars, how soon before the country powers up?

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Kids in cars
31 Oct 2016

Travelling with kids and why it’s okay to be bored

When I was a kid road trips in the family car were boring… and that was okay, but now we’ve got to be ‘connected’ to survive a drive.

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31 Oct 2016

Dirt road dangers

You may be an ace on bitumen, but that doesn’t mean to say you’re safe on a dirt road.

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Audi Formula E
31 Oct 2016

The future of motorsport?

Lewis Isaacs wonders about the future of motorsports when Audi pulls out of WEC to race electric cars.

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Toyota 86
25 Oct 2016

What driving a sports car has taught me

After driving a series of very sensible cars, columnist Jane Speechley shares what she’s learned since stepping behind the wheel of the spirited and nimble Toyota 86.

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Driving on a roundabout in Australia
24 Oct 2016

Driving on a roundabout and why it means civilisation is doomed

The roundabout can be an instrument for good, but too often, argues Isaac Bober, moronic drivers and cyclists ruin it for the rest of us.

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24 Oct 2016

Can you solve this puzzle?

The title image looks like a jigsaw but is not a puzzle. Well, whatever it is, the solution is simple. Don’t make the false economy of buying sub-standard gear. That’s easy to say, so let’s get a bit more specific.  Traction ramps are frequently used in offroad situations to aid

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Ford Mustang
24 Oct 2016

Do you love the Ford Mustang?

New Zealand motoring writers have ignored the Ford Mustang for their top gong… it didn’t even make the Top 10…

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Driving in New Zealand
17 Oct 2016

Driving in New Zealand… and why T-plates might be a good thing

There’s a push for tourists to be required to fit T plates to their hire cars and campers when driving in New Zealand… it might be a good idea.

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Jamie whincup
17 Oct 2016

The world in motorsport: Advocating for arrogance

Jamie Whincup is being cast as the villain at the recent Bathurst 1000 but, as Lewis Isaacs argues, his desire to win has done him more good than harm…

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petrol prices
17 Oct 2016

Who’s fuelling who with the price of fuel?

When it comes to buying fuel for his vehicle, our Richard Robertson, reckons it really does pay to shop around for the best deal…

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17 Oct 2016

Why the Ford Everest is not classifed as an MC off road passenger vehicle

The Ford Everest is billed as an offroader, and is steadily gathering a loyal base of enthusiasts. That means the difficult questions keep coming… UPDATE 15/11/16: we have further explored the MA/MC issue, including noting that Victoria permits a 75mm lift for MC vehicles and the Queensland tyre restrictions. More

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15 Oct 2016

No, Mercedes-Benz does not think autonomous cars should always protect their occupants

Automation raises some very tricky philosophical dilemmas, not least of which is the “trolley question”. The “trolley question” is simple ethics problem. You have a loaded trolley barrelling down a railway track. Ahead of the trolley are five people, tied to the rails. The trolley will strike and kill them.

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Volkswagen I.D
10 Oct 2016

Volkswagen’s electric dreams after diesel nightmare

Forget the supercars and the show girls, the most important car at the recent Paris Motor Show was Volkswagen’s I.D, our man in Blighty explains why…

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Three days after picking her up, and our first road trip together. Big milestone in a new relationship.
10 Oct 2016

The long and winding road to my Toyota 86

Our new columnist, Jane Speechley tells us about her history with cars and why she bought a sports car.

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