2017 Kia Rio SLi review
20 Feb 2017

Are Hyundai and Kia too similar?

Kia and Hyundai are growing, and fast, but the platforms are shared and now even the designs are converging, Paul Horrell wonders if they’re just too similar.

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2017 BMW Range Day. Duneira Estate, Mount Macedon, Victoria, Australia. Thursday 9th February 2017. World Copyright: BMW Ref: Digital Image DSC_1021.NEF
14 Feb 2017

2017 Mini JCW Clubman… A very quick spin

Last week, Mini sneakily snuck a Mini JCW Clubman Down Under and added it to the range… I got just 15 minutes behind the wheel.

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13 Feb 2017

The Accidental Offroader

I heard it with the Jaguar F-Pace, and again with the Maserati Levante…

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How to market cars to women
06 Feb 2017

How to market cars to women

This week I decided to offer some advice to those car marketers who sit around in their warehouse offices and decide just how a car will be marketed to women.

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Car ads and the Super Bowl 2017
06 Feb 2017

Car Ads and Super Bowl 2017…

Automotive advertising mostly sucks… that is until the Super Bowl rolls around and then car makers go bonkers to out-do each other.

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06 Feb 2017

But it’s too big for me!

They say bigger is better but size, in cars, doesn’t matter as much as you think.

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30 Jan 2017

For Australians the Grand Tourer is Not Dead

The best car for long-distance touring is no longer really a car. BACK IN DECEMBER my colleague Paul Horrell made a cogent case that the GT, or grand tourer sports car, offered no advantage over a normal hatchback. He argued that back in the day there was a significant difference

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2017 Subaru BRZ revealed
30 Jan 2017

Sometimes car companies do go the extra mile…

Late last year, Toyota and Subaru announced a recall on the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ over power steering issues.

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2014 Subaru XV 2.0i-S driving in the rain
23 Jan 2017

Driving in the rain… should there be laws around headlights?

It seems that whenever it rains the road becomes something like a version of Mario Brothers… with many drivers refusing to use their headlights.

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23 Jan 2017

Are you a 4WD Narrowthinker?

Our opinions are defined by our experience, and nowhere is that more true than in car ownership.

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18 Jan 2017

When a woman goes to Summernats…

“Gee, you’re brave …” that’s what the majority of friends, family and colleagues said, when I told them I was going back to Summernats. Alone.

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17 Jan 2017

What will it take to stop us killing ourselves on the roads?

Another Christmas holiday season, another wave of Australian families impacted by the tragedy of our – increasing – road toll.

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2017 Nissan GT-R review by Practical Motoring
16 Jan 2017

We’re writing for people like you… just look at our review of the Nissan GT-R

For proof that practicalmotoring.com.au isn’t your usual car review site, look no further than Alex Rae’s review of the Nissan GT-R.

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16 Jan 2017

Merging madness: how Australia’s country overtaking lanes can be fixed

The zone at the end of an overtaking lane is where bad things happen, but there is a solution.

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Aussie Invader
16 Jan 2017

Rosco McGlashan… a bloke in a shed… who loves speed

Rosco McGlashan holds the Australian land speed record and unofficially* holds the world land speed record … but the Australian Tax Office seems to have crushed his dream of hitting 1600km/h.

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