Volvo has revealed that 12 months ago it set a new lap record for a four-door passenger car at the Nurburgring… and it kept it a secret until now.

SEEMS STRANGE that Volvo would sit on the fact its S60 Polestar had set a lap record at the Nurburgring for four-door passenger cars last year, but… moments after it set its secret record, Porsche went faster with its Panamera, which was in turn out run by Alfa’s Giulia QV.

So, why tell us all now? Simple. It’s still an impressive achievement and we’re on the eve of the next WTCC round at the Nurburgring, so, publicity was clearly the aim. Too often Volvo’s get a bad wrap for their performance and owners; you can’t say that’s for want of the Volvo and Polestar Cyan Racing engineers trying to produce a proper driver’s car with the S60 Polestar.

And the car’s time? 7min51secs. Watch the video… it’s not the usual brag fest.


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