‘You just got passed by a girl’… no, I didn’t…

Having kids has changed a lot of things for me, not the least is my stress level and patience for those who clearly don’t have children, like the lady who overtook me this morning…

‘YOU JUST GOT passed by a girl,’ it said on the sticker. The sticker was stuck to a bright green VE Commodore SS Series II. Only, I wasn’t passed by a girl, I was passed by a fu#kwit. Apologies for the language early on a Friday.

Now, unlike my old man, I don’t see someone overtaking me as some sort of race-style manoeuvre that requires an immediate response, like a flexing of the right foot to catch up and nip back in front. But I wasn’t happy that this low life overtook me either.

See, I was driving in a school zone. And I’d just dropped off my kids. I was sat on 40km/h and the ‘girl’ read: dickhead in the Commodore was doing a lot more than that. As the car drove past me, I noticed there was a dash cam on the front windscreen with crystals and a dream catcher hanging next to it from the rear vision mirror. The car had other odds and ends stashed around it, fluffy pillows, etc.

I know that people complain about speed limits in this country, but outside a school during pick up and drop off times is one of those speed limit rules that I’d suggest most drivers would see as being non-negotiable. But not for this driver. Nope, she literally overtook me on the road leading past the school. At 8.40am, and well inside the school zone. Indeed, there were still kids being walked up to the school on the footpath next to the road.

I’m not normally one for getting hot under the collar at other drivers, but this one pressed a button and, to be honest, I’m still fizzing about it now. And, although I’m not proud to admit it, I did contemplate following the car and then asking the driver just what they thought they were doing… but that wouldn’t have actually achieved anything and so please, no matter how angry you get at another driver, don’t ever follow them. What you can do, is call the police assistance line, not 000, and report the driver of the car, what they did, your name, and what road and direction they were heading in.

And that’s exactly what I did.

This might seem like one of those non-sensical rants you normally see on Facebook, but I think it’s worth shining a spotlight on behaviour on our roads that’s unacceptable. And, so, that’s what I’m doing. Thanks for listening, I feel better for sharing 🙂

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4 years ago

I think school zones need some sort of permanent traffic surveillance. I will miss the freedom of driving when cars become self driving but outside control will see speed limits obeyed in built up areas and perhaps the bush if satellite control works.

Jane Speechley
Jane Speechley
4 years ago

When I read the first line about the sticker, and before I got to your punchline, I was already saying in my mind, ‘no, you just got passed by a &^%$#@! … “. Nice one 🙂

Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober