The Toyota FT-AC or Future Toyota Adventure Concept has been unveiled at the LA Motor Show teasing all-wheel drive petrol or hybrid drivetrains.

TOYOTA ISN’T SAYING MUCH about the FT-AC other than it represents the latest in its line of adventure concepts and that it’s only a design concept. But you can bet your bottom dollar that Toyota will be scanning the crowd at the motor show and the internet to determine if there’s enough favourable sentiment for it… beyond that the powertrains will likely make it to production at some time soon.

“It is particularly appropriate that the new concept was unveiled in Los Angeles – a city where much of the population escapes to the hills, deserts or beaches for much-needed weekend recharges after a long week of work, Toyota said in a statement.

“FT-AC is perfect for those outdoor enthusiasts who want to dial up the adventure on their weekend getaways,” said Jack Hollis, group vice president and general manager, Toyota division (USA).

“No matter the roads, the activities, or the people, FT-AC sparks authentic fun and conversation,” Mr Hollis said.

The FT-AC is all about practicality, claims Toyota. For instance, the fog lights can be removed and attached to a mountain bike for riding at night, and while Toyota suggests the FT-AC is a versatile vehicle, we’re not so sure the 20-inch alloys are a great idea for a rough roader. It has twin recovery hooks while skid plates help protect the front and rear overhangs.

There’s a safari-style cargo roof-rack system, LED marker lights at its front corners which can provide ambient lighting around the vehicle, brighten the trail ahead or even act as a flash for infrared cameras embedded in the side mirrors.

Toyota FT-AC

An integrated Wi-Fi hotspot provides the ability to livestream footage or post via a mobile device. Like the fog lights, the cameras are removable. The roof rack’s rear-facing LED lights can be controlled by a mobile device. And the integrated bike rack is retractable.

Toyota said the FT-AC is built around a petrol-powered engine with an advanced torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system but that it could also run a next-generation hybrid powertrain.


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  1. Amazes me the Toyota with it’s gutless engines includes features only required by big horsepower cars. Oh and another abomination from them, surprise surprise.

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