Toyota Australia has announced the release of a $2200-$2900 performance kit available for the Toyota 86.

TOYOTA 86 OWNERS will now be able to purchase a “performance kit”. The kit lists from $2200 for the GTS and $2900 for the GT and is available across all four variants in the range, it includes larger Brembo brakes, specially tuned Sachs dampers, plus anthracite-coloured 10-spoke 17-inch alloy wheels.

Previously, these bits and pieces were only offered as part of a limited-edition run of 60 cars released in June. Toyota said, top-spec 86 GTS buyers can combine the performance pack with a new exterior paint colour, Moon Slate (pictured). This ‘special’ variant also comes with red interior trim highlights and a unique black finish for the wheels, exterior mirrors and rear spoiler – all priced from $39,400+ORC.

This announcement coincides with sat-nav being made available as standard on GT variants. Prices for the upgraded 86 begin from $31,440+ORC ($650 increase) for the six-speed manual GT and from $36,640+ORC ($150 increase) for the GTS manual.

Toyota Australia’s executive director sales and marketing Tony Cramb said the dynamic performance kit adds another dimension to an already finely balanced and popular rear-drive sports car.

“We’ve chosen two renowned performance suppliers – brands that are used in Formula 1 – to expand the 86 coupe’s credentials as a true driver’s car,” Mr Cramb said.

“These performance components will add to driver involvement and enjoyment, whether it is on the road or the track,” he said.


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    1. My thoughts exactly. It’s a handling kit. Toyota just haven’t got it in them to do a real performance car outside Lexus.

      1. No worries, Robert, I expected your response. I am rather old fashioned. I’m all for better handling and braking, but also extra power goes a long way on the track. I’m not that interested on the road. I have the 132 Tiguan, not the 162. The 132 has plenty of torque and the sports mode does make a difference on winding roads.

      2. Maybe you should tell Porsche to detune their cars 75% so they can compete better with the 86. Can you eat bubble gum and walk at the same time. Ridiculous to say you can’t have power and handling in the one package.

        Drive a modified 86 with S/C and handling/braking kit, and it utterly destroys the stock car in any benchmark you want to name.

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