The Bosch iDisc is designed to last twice as long as conventional brakes and reduce harmful brake dust emissions by around 90%… there are two benefits to this.

BOSCH HAS JUST made a better brake disc. Every year, the company churns around 20 million sets of brake discs for a variety of car makers. It’s new iDisc, based on a conventional cast iron brake disc, which is treated in a tungsten-carbide coating. With brakes and tyres contributing around 32% of particulate emissions, Bosch claims its iDisc can reduce these emissions by around 90%. And this means no more dirty wheel rims.

“The iDisc has everything it takes to replace the conventional cast iron brake disc and become the new standard in the brake disc market,” says Gerhard Pfeifer, managing director of Buderus Guss – the Bosch subsidiary responsible for the iDisc.

According to Bosch, the iDisc costs three times as much as a conventional brake disc but three times less than a ceramic brake disc (pricing will fall as volume increases) and that its braking performance is very close to the ceramic disc. It’s also claimed the iDisc will last twice as long as a conventional brake disc.


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