Nissan Australia has confirmed pricing for its all-new Pathfinder Hybrid which goes on-sale in September 2014 – Prices start from $42,990 (+ORC).

NISSAN IS EXPANDING its new Pathfinder range with the addition of a Hybrid model to line up with their equivalent petrol-only 2WD and 4WD siblings. In all, four new Hybrid model variants have been added to Pathfinder.

The Pathfinder Hybrid matches a 15kW electric motor with a 2.5-litre suprercharged four-cylinder petrol engine producing a combined 188kW of power and 330Nm of torque. Capable of running on 91RON, the Pathfinder Hybrid consumes 8.4L/100km for 2WD variants and, astonishingly, only 8.5L/100km for 4WD variants – that’s 15% less than a V6-powered Pathfinder.

How’s it work? Well, according to Nissan, “The Pathfinder Hybrid’s highly efficient petrol-electric powertrain uses an intelligent dual-clutch system. The first clutch operates in conjunction with the supercharged four-cylinder petrol engine while the second clutch manages engagement of the 15kW electric motor.

All-new Pathfinder Hybrid

Control of each clutch is determined by the driving mode, resulting in optimal use of the petrol engine and the electric motor for maximum efficiency. Drive is sent to the wheels via Nissan’s next-generation X-TRONIC transmission.

“The Pathfinder Hybrid’s electric torque assist motor functions as a power generator during braking and deceleration, recharging the on-board 144-volt Lithium-ion battery, which is located under the third row of seats at the rear of the vehicle. The battery’s compact size means the Pathfinder Hybrid shares the same rear occupant space and cargo capacity as its V6 counterpart”.

As if adding an electric motor isn’t impressive enough, Nissan’s Pathfinder Hybrid also features Electric Active Control Mounts (E-ACM) which is a long-winded way of saying these whizz-bang engine mounts minimise noise and vibrations by applying a reverse wave to cancel out the vibration. Clever. And, to cancel out any unwanted noise inside the cabin, Nissan’s boffins have fitted it with Active Noise Control; microphones inside the cabin listen for any undesirable noises and, when detected, cancel them out with an equal and opposite frequency emitted by the vehicle’s audio system – tip: it won’t work for noisy children.

Nissan Pathfinder: Australian prices

MSRP*Estimated Drive-Away Price**
Pathfinder ST V6 2WD$39,990$43,905
Pathfinder Hybrid ST 2WD $42,990 $47,001
Pathfinder ST-L V6 2WD$50,490$54,745
Pathfinder ST-L V6 2WD w/ Option Pack$52,590$56,909
Pathfinder Ti V6 2WD$60,990$67,126

MSRP*Estimated Drive-Away Price**
Pathfinder ST V6 4WD$44,490$48,553
Pathfinder ST-L V6 4WD$54,490$58,873
Pathfinder ST-L V6 4WD w/ Option Pack$56,590$61,037
Pathfinder Hybrid ST-L 4WD $57,490 $61,969
Pathfinder Hybrid ST-L 4WD w/ Option Pack $59,590 $64,133
Pathfinder Ti V6 4WD$65,090$71,723
Pathfinder Hybrid Ti 4WD $68,090 $74,879

* Manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP)

** Maximum recommended drive-away price for vehicle in Victoria including 12 months’ registration, 12 months’ CTP and applicable statutory charges, dealer delivery and administration charges. Price is based on a private owner aged 40 with a good driving record and the vehicle being garaged in Victoria. Prices may differ depending on State purchased, individual’s personal circumstances and will vary from dealer to dealer.


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