The Lexus UX SUV has been teased ahead of its Paris Motor Show reveal at the end of this month.

THE LEXUS UX will be revealed in full at the Paris Motor Show at the end of this month, and beyond this picture a short blurb accompanying it not much is known about the UX. Lexus said: “its bold design language strongly differentiates its identity to appeal to a progressive, urban audience, while also showcasing imaginative technologies to offer an immersive driver experience”.

Anything we write about the UX will be pure speculation and there are some suggesting it doesn’t preview a new model but the brand’s future design language. Whatever it is, it looks good.

There are big flared wheel arches, exhaust tips that finish flush with a non-existent bumper creating a neat wraparound look at the back. Looking closely at the side of the UX it looks like it’s done away with a B-pillar, suggesting the rear doors are rear hinged, and the wing mirrors look to have been replaced by cameras which would project an image onto a screen inside the car.

In terms of the size of the thing, it looks to be small, so it could be of comparable size to the Toyota C-HR and, if you look at the picture of the C-HR Concept below you’ll notice similarities in some of the styling too.

Toyota C-HR concept

We’ll know more when it’s revealed in full at the end of this month.


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