The hybrid Toyota GR HV will go on show at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month bearing a quirky H-pattern automatic transmission.

BUILT OFF THE SAME platform as the Toyota 86, the GR HV Concept, named for Gazoo Racing and Hybrid Vehicle runs a tweaked version of the hybrid set-up from the TSO50 that competes in the World Endurance Championships. Toyota claims it’s inspired by the Supra and Toyota Sports 800.

Toyota said, “The LED headlights, five-bolt wheels and rear diffuser evoke the components used on the hybrid-powered WEC racer”.

Toyota GR HV Concept

The push button ignition is located on top of the shifter which, via the red M button on the centre stack can be used to simulate six-speed manual operation; the driver then physically moves the shifter via an H-pattern set-up.

There’s no word on the combustion engine or the overall output of the electric motor and petrol engine combined.


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  1. Love the idea of hybrid and the performance if true would be Cayman GTS levels for a wee fraction of the price. But what have they done to the only good looking Toyota in existence, looks like they outsourced design to the Honda civic Type-R team, hopefully it looks nothing like this crock.

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