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2017 BMW 430i Gran Coupe Review

Alex Rae’s 2017 BMW 430i Gran Coupe Review with pricing, spec, performance, ride and handling, safety, verdict and score.

In a nutshell: The 430i gets most of the best bits but without the heavy price, and the gran coupe enhances its practicality further.

2017 BMW 430i Gran Coupe LCI

PRICE From $82,900+ORC WARRANTY 3 years/100,000 km ENGINE 2.0L turbocharged petrol four-cylinder POWER/TORQUE 185kW/350Nm TRANSMISSION 8-speed automatic DRIVE  rear-wheel drive DIMENSIONS 4640 (L), 1825mm (W EXC MIRRORS), 1389mm (H) SPARE none KERB WEIGHT 1520kg SEATSFUEL TANK 60 litres THIRST 6.5 L/100km combined cycle FUEL petrol

THE BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe has much of the look and feel of a two door coupe just with two extra doors and it offers the practicality of the 3 Series sedan. The 4 Series LCI (life cycle impulse – read: light refresh) which launched in June this year, also adds a few tweaks and changes which we reckon are for the better.

What is the BMW 430i Gran Coupe LCI?

The BMW 4 Series is offered in either two door coupe or four door gran coupe body style and is the sleek sibling to the 3 Series sedan. The 430i on test here sits in the middle of the range that consists of the 420i, 430i and the range-topping 440i.

BMW 430i Gran Coupe Review by Practical Motoring

Standard inclusions the 430i shares with the 420i include 19-inch alloys, adaptive suspension, LED headlights, Dakota leather interior, iDrive 6 with sat nav, heads-up display and lane departure warning. The 430i further adds M Sport Package at no-cost, keyless entry, nine-speaker sound system and lumbar support for front seats.

The 430i is, however, over $10,000 more expensive than the entry-level 420i. It gets a little extra shove though with an extra 50kW and 60Nm of torque coming from its 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine.

The LCI update brings a light redesign of the headlights, some extra colour options, firmer suspension tune which sits a little lower, and moving the previously standard variable sport steering to the options list.

What’s the interior of the BMW 430i Gran Coupe LCI like?

We’ll start at the boot because it offers an expansive 480-litre cavity that exceeds expectations for a mid-size coupe. Its wide opening and deep dimensions are terrific for carrying everything from a large pram to sets of golf clubs. The addition of two doors hasn’t sacrificed any space around back either, and there’s no reason a small family couldn’t make the gran coupe work.

Which brings us to the back seats, where there’s a usable amount of space for adults and kids alike with ISOFIX points on the outboard seats. There’s no USB charging port on the back of the rear centre console but there’s a 12v port and air vents for added comfort. The middle seat folds down to provide a centre armrest and two cup holders, and the door pockets are deep enough for a 600ml bottle.

BMW 430i Gran Coupe Review by Practical Motoring

Upfront, the driver gets a good range of adjustment from the electric adjustable seat and it’s easy, as in most BMWs, to find a good driving position. Both seats have lumbar control and thick padding for extra comfort too. Another convenience for the driver is that the indicator and wiper stalks click back to resting position – a surprisingly noticeable and welcome change from the previous 4 Series iteration.

The layout of the 430i is similar to just about every BMW currently for sale. BMW hasn’t been making any groundbreaking changes to its design (inside or out) recently, and it’s a familiar setting. However the iDrive 6 (iDrive being BMW name for its infotainment system) is an upgrade from version 5 and brings some changes. One of those is the ability to add Apple CarPlay (no Android Auto) which doesn’t add a tremendous amount of extra functionality because iDrive is pretty slick. Apple CarPlay does integrate Siri and Apple music better, though.

The infotainment is displayed on a crisp and bright 8.8-inch screen and the menu is easy to navigate using the rotary dial or buttons.  Navigation is quick to calculate and guidance is also offered on the on-windscreen heads-up display. The HUD works very well and is easy to differentiate even on a bright day.

What’s the BMW 430i Gran Coupe LCI like on the road?

The 430i’s four-cylinder petrol produces a reasonable amount of power at 185kW/350Nm and it’s enough for effective overtaking and easy driving on steep hills. It only just breaks the 6.0sec 0-100km/h sprint at 5.9sec (0.1sec slower than the equivalent two door). It’s also enough to have a bit of a squirt on weekends on twisting roads, and feels raucous enough,k even if it isn’t as smooth as the larger six-cylinder powerplant.

Overall, a strong enough engine and driveline provide for some fun driving, and the 8-speed automatic transmission flicks through the gears quickly. The 430i feels particularly well balanced when having some fun and it’s only the rubber that lets it down (and only slightly) when leaning hard in corners.

BMW 430i Gran Coupe Review by Practical Motoring

Three drive modes are available – eco, normal and sport – and each adjusts things like the throttle response, gear change points and steering weight. Sport is the sharpest and comfort is best for most cruising and commuting activities. Fuel savings in eco mode seemed negligible compared to the easier cruising in comfort.

Being rear-wheel drive, and with active sport steering optional (which can detract from steering feel), the steering remains accurate and precise without torque steer. The steering has also had a tweak to match the stiffer suspension setup, and perhaps for the better.

BMW 430i Gran Coupe Review by Practical Motoring

The ride feels best in comfort mode and has good compliance. From the city to the highway the 430i is stable but not firm, and NVH is good. The adaptive suspension has a stiffer ride in sport mode and, unless the road is smooth, it feels too hard. However, the dampening can be adjusted individually when in sport mode if it feels to jarring.

What about the BMW 430i Gran Coupe LCI’s safety features?

The BMW 4 Series has been awarded a 5-star ANCAP rating. Standard safety features and tech includes AEB, lane change and departure warning and collision warning (front).

The 430i is also fitted with adaptive cruise with stop and go and the few times we used it, found that it worked quite well.

So, what do we think about the BMW 430i Gran Coupe?

The BMW 430i is perhaps the best pick of all the 4 Series lineup because of its lovely balance and handling, and good amount of kit for the price. In gran coupe guise the 430i is particularly potent as a convincing argument for both individuals, couple or small families. It offers a roomy interior and the boot space is terrific.

BMW 430i Gran Coupe Review by Practical Motoring

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Practical Motoring Says: If you’re thinking of getting a sport sedan give the 430i gran coupe a look. It will meet most of the expectations wanted from the conventional sedan but adds a little x-factor.

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