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Holden announces permanent 5-year, unlimited kilometre warranty…

Holden has announced it will make permanent (for private and ABN buyers only) the 5-year, unlimited kilometre warranty that had previously been available only to a certain number of vehicles.

HOLDEN HAS finally stopped dancing around with its 5-year, unlimited kilometre warranty and announced today that it is now a permanent fixture for all private and ABN buyers. Government, rental and fleet customers will get the 5-year warranty but will be capped at 200,000km.

The 5-year warranty is part of Holden’s Complete Care package which includes: 

  • Take Your Time Test Drive – potential customers can test drive a Holden vehicle for a 24-hour period;
  • Roadside Assistance – first-year complimentary now full 5-years for those customers who service their vehicle within the Holden dealership network;
  • Know Your Cost Servicing – total costs explained to owners prior to service; and
  • Holden Rental Service – new models and flexible periods.

“At Holden, we’re focused on offering the right products in the right segments and providing exceptional customer service,” Holden Chairman and Managing Director Mark Bernhard said.

“Holden’s product portfolio is the best line-up and quality we’ve ever had, especially in the key growth segments of SUVs and utes. We’ve always had confidence in our cars and this is putting money where our mouth is.

“Buying a new car is a huge financial and emotional commitment and this 5-year warranty is rounding out our market-leading portfolio of care for our customers.”

Question: Was the constant flopping around on warranty a mistake by Holden? Will this new warranty convince potential buyers to go for a Holden? Or, does it simply see the brand catch up to other brands but still sit behind others in terms of warranty?

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober