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What could have been: Opel Astra revealed with plug-in hybrid

The old Holden Astra may have blossomed into a neat package with plug-in hybrid technology.

Opel has lifted the sheet off its new Astra with plug-in hybrid power, and it’s a tech-packed offering in the popular small car segment. What a shame Holden isn’t around to secure this one although new Opel/Vauxhall parent company Stellantis may just do that in the future.

For now, the Opel Astra will be sold in Europe with a new plug-in hybrid drivetrain. Yet to be detailed, it is believed to be a 1.6-litre petrol producing a handy 165kW or so. That would be the same drivetrain found in the new Peugeot 308 hatchback on the PSA developed Stellantis EMP2 platform. That uses an eight-speed auto.

The driving range would be about 50km on battery power and recharging the car takes around 7 hours.

Design is inspired by the new Opel Mokka with ‘Vizor’ grille and Intelli-Lux LED Pixel headlights. The lights have 168 LED elements and automatically adjust the beam pattern to wrap around certain objects.

Inside the design is much different too, with the brand ‘Pure Panel’ digital cockpit that uses a twin screen system, again like the Mokka. Both screens measure 10 inches, one for infotainment and one for the driver, with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Most physical buttons are gone too, so controls for the air conditioning and like are now done on the infotainment screen.

For safety, there are five radar sensors that help support adaptive cruise control, AEB and lane-keeping support, and it can even make lane changes by itself, plus there are four cameras for expanded vision. 

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Barry Stevens
Barry Stevens
10 months ago

What a great car , Australia should get this one . A refreshing change to all the Asian dreary imports ?

10 months ago

165kw from a 1.6 litre, it would have to be turbo charged.

Practical Motoring

Practical Motoring