The first batch of 2020 Toyota Supra GT and GTS models (150 units) allocated to Australia has sold out in just 22 minutes via an online ballot system.

Toyota Australia has confirmed the first allocation of the Toyota Supras for Australia sold out in just 22 minutes yesterday after they were put up for sale via an online ballot system. The order books opened yesterday at lunch time (12pm) and according to Toyota, within seven minutes, the first 100 orders had been placed.

“Toyota Australia was also recently able to secure additional units, allowing this first window to be extended to 150 reservations in total. This full allocation was snapped up within the first 22 minutes of the window opening,” Toyota said in a statement.

More than 80 percent of the 150 orders placed were for the top-spec GTS variant. Toyota said, the most popular colours ordered were Nurburg Matte Grey, Goodwood Grey, Monza Red and Fuji White “with the first year’s allocation of the highly limited Nurburg Matte Grey now completely sold out”. 

Toyota Australia Vice President Sales and Marketing, Sean Hanley said, “We know through our own research that there was a high demand and excitement for GR Supra in the market. We did not expect that selling online would be an issue for us but were just amazed at how quickly the first one hundred reservations were made”.

“We will work hard with our Supra concierge to make the experience for these customers something special, befitting this iconic sportscar”, he said.

Of course, ‘buyers’ simply placed an order within the coming weeks Toyota will follow up with phone calls to confirm the order and take a $4000 deposit. Toyota will open its online ordering system again on July 17 at 12pm but hasn’t yet confirmed how many vehicles will be available to order.


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