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Ford uses a robotic butt to test seat durability…

There’s nothing worse than a saggy seat…Ford this week revealed it uses a robotic butt, Robutt, to simulate a decade of dry use. It’s not being used to test wet use.

Ford Europe has revealed how it tests the material and durability of its seats, showing off its robotic butt, Robutt. This thing, according to Ford, tests the seat durability and material quality, simulating a decade of ‘dry’ use.

Now Ford is adapting the simulator to test for wet use. This from the press release, “Joining a gym, taking an exercise class or breaking out the running kit are high on many people’s list of New Year’s resolutions.

“But not everyone will want to – or be able to – have a shower before jumping in their car to go home afterwards.”

The Robutt is now being used to test seat durability when drivers are a “bit on the sweaty side”.

For the sweat test, “Robutt” simulates a decade’s worth of car use in just three days as it sits, bounces and twists in the seat 7500 times. Based on the dimensions of a large man, the robotic bottom is heated to 36° C, and soaked with 450 millilitres of water.

Um, okay.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober