New architectures will be dedicated to trucks and SUVs as well as passenger cars.

Ford will announce two new electric vehicle platforms this week, according to reports from Reuters.

The new underpinnings are part of Ford’s $30m push into electrification in a race against rivals that are all hoping to win eco-conscious and EV buyers. One of those rivals is Volskwagen, though both are also in a partnership to produce some electric vehicles together.

Unsurprisingly, one of the new Ford EV platforms will be for utes and SUVs while the other platform will cater to upcoming new electric passenger vehicles. Current estimations are that up to 10 new models will come on the platforms in the next four years to 2025.

Ford is not yet confirming details, however, it is expected that tomorrow more will be revealed. Cross-platform compatibility will bring cost efficiencies when sharing parts, such as batteries and electric motors, and components on the chassis.


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