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Brock’s Blue Meanie hits $1m at auction

VK SS Group A originally owned and used by Peter Brock has been with one family since 1985.

A 1985 HDT VK Commodore SS Group A ‘Blue Meanie’ is the latest Australian-made car to make $1 million at auction, hitting the magic milestone at a special Grays auction.

While all the VK SS Group A cars are desirable, what makes this one extra special is the fact it was originally owned and used by Peter Brock himself.

Appropriately, Brock selected build #005 of the 500 VK SS Group A cars built and drove it prior to and following the model’s release in 1985.

HDT Commodore hits million-dollar mark at auction
Apart from some stone chips on the front end, body is in very good condition.

Within a few months of this car’s build, Brock sold #005 to a gentleman in WA and it’s remained with that buyer’s family since, used sparingly and never repainted or restored.

HDT Commodore hits million-dollar mark at auction
Was Brock going to pick any other number for his company car?!

Finished in the Formula Blue paint that led to this model’s ‘Blue Meanie’ nickname, this car appears to be entirely stock in terms of its specification, from the white-painted Aero wheels to the HDT bodykit and decals that celebrated the Commodore’s three successive wins at Bathurst.

The V8 engine, detuned to 4.9 litres to meet the homologation requirements for Group A racing, is matched to the standard 4-speed manual transmission.

HDT Commodore hits million-dollar mark at auction
Engine bay appears stock, but may have some changes, as extractors and some other parts are included.

Inside, the pale blue cloth seat trim with herringbone inserts is authentic, as is the stereo cassette deck with ‘Peter Brock’ branding and Momo steering wheel, while this car’s special status is identified by the “005/500” HDT build number ID on the glovebox lid.

Amongst the extensive documentation included with the car is an owner’s handbook signed by Brock and a letter signed by John Harvey confirming ‘005’ was Peter Brock’s personal car.

HDT Commodore hits million-dollar mark at auction
Car has been with the one family since 1985 and the odometer reads 77,539km at time of consignment.

Only a few years ago, the HDT VK SS Group A was valued in the low six-figure range, so the $1 million this car sits at (at time of writing), although aided by the “Brock’s Own” status in this instance, represents a new benchmark for the model.

Bidding for this one-car auction closes on 25 May at 9:30PM (AEST).

For more details, click HERE.

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