An all-new crossover Mondeo model looks set to launch this year.

Image posted to Instagram by user CocheSpias appear to show a sneak peek of a new Ford Mondeo model being worked on.

The images support previous rumours that Ford is planning to launch a crossover version of its Mondeo, traditionally a sedan and wagon model. It wouldn’t be the first time a blue-oval nameplate has changed the type of car it was on, with Ford releasing the new Puma crossover recently; that was a compact sports car once upon a time.

On the ‘Mondeo Crossover’,  the front styling is new, with LED lighting connecting the headlights and a bigger grille. The back seems to be a swoopy coupe-SUV-like hatch, somewhat mimicking the all-electric Mustang Mach-E. Everything else is well clad with camo, suggesting this will be in the wild testing too.

Inside is a huge digital display spanning almost the entire cabin and a smart-looking centre console stack.

There are no other details, though previous reports suggest a change to a transverse leaf spring rear axle which would allow for around a 10kWh hybrid battery to be placed in the boot, and a possible Active nameplate. If it does get a hybrid drivetrain, it might very well be the same 2.5-litre petrol plug-in hybrid that features in the new Ford Escape, providing around a 50km electric-only driving range.

Given the seemingly near-production finish on the spy image car, the new Mondeo is likely to be shown this year, perhaps as early as mid-2021.

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